Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Strangeness and Charm

What could be more relaxing than chilling out in some of my comfiest clothes and looking at inspiring images? Maybe if I had a little Florence and the Machine playing in the background or even a good cup of tea next to my hand to sip on occasion. Today I'm trying to avoid the 'idiot box' otherwise known as the television as much as possible today and purely focus on reading as well as writing in preparation for a cooler and more alternative live full of skull candles as well as hexagonal healing crystals and kooky framed pictures.

Egyptians: the largest and most prosperous race of hipsters known to mane who constructed large monolithic pyramids in a homage to their kings and their alphabet being comprised of pictures rather than characters. I'd love to travel to Egypt one day for a photography expedition of my own but there's so much turmoil in that area of the world I would never be allowed to go with my parents and I'm not sure how any partner I could be with in the future would be keen to be my own personal bodyguard.

New Zealand fashion label Twenty-Seven Names has this sort of charm about their photo shoots and model presentations, I especially love the clunky brown lace-up shoes with white socks and dainty long hair. Although the picture below is just a side profile of all the models staring at one professional camera, this unique photograph from the side makes the braids from the front of the crown all the more evident. It's like stumbling across a friendly cult of beautiful women with delicate dress sense is pastel tones.

Although there is no need at my age to walk in pairs of two and hold hands when roaming the streets with a group of girlfriends, I think it would be nice to belong to one of those notoriously bitchy cliques and dress similarly while walking around together, prowling the streets for fashionable shops in a tight pack. Unfortunately, this universe only exists in the world of magazines and there is no such place where brightly coloured shoes and wedges are worn while carrying vintage school girl satchels. I'll just have to be my own one-man fashion team and dress alone and brave the world without equally fashionable friends.

Maybe I would be better off dressing in a quirky hat bonnet and jumping out of windows than searching high and low of my fashion equals... yes sir, sure is lonely at the top but somehow I know I'll manage easily by myself. I'm sure that without events and parties to dress up for and attend my life will be better spent at home enjoying the comfort of a good book as well as commenting on beautiful photographs starring equally gorgeous people instead.

A strange curiosity I would like to collect one day is my own little cat and photograph them doing all manor of strange things but until I move out of my parents house, it appears I will be without furry companionship but on the plus side I don't need to worry about claws and sharing my bed. I can imagine it now, sitting amongst my desk of collectables including rosaries and candles shaped in skulls as well as hexagonal crystals. Ah, to be young and a being of magical powers.

An oddity I'm becoming a little more in love with is vintage nightgowns- they're like gorgeous thin dresses full of alluring frills and lace in single block colours. I imagine the two girls sharing a tender and romantic moment above are wearing the same sort of clothing but with frilly socks and loafers. If there were a little more modesty about the material of night gowns then you can be almost guaranteed I'd try to wear such a thing to university- or at least for fancy dress parties.

If I was any sort of master, or even novice when it came to the practiced and time-honoured approach of applying make-up I would love to have this shimmery grey eyeshadow swallow up my eyes. It's made all the more powerful with stone black eyes (a quality I am told I possess every once in a while) as well as small and prim, pouted lips and long silvery and dishevelled looking hair. The black cat is a cute touch to this sheer blouse and tassel scarf approach. It's a shame I don't have a paler complexion to get away with wearing black more often.

A strange and even more strangely becoming look is the popularisation of unusual bottled hair colours; my favourite being pastel shades of pink, purple and green. I usually make promises of one day dip-dyeing my hair when I become brave and full hardy but it appears I'm all art and no matter- that is, I'll never really go through with it. I love my hair the way it is and the trend is just so old now- there's also the damage from the last time I had streaks evident in my hair since some strands are left dry and brittle. It'll be a while before I ever reach for that bottle again.

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  1. LOve the fashion of twenty-seven names.I am a big fan of wearing little white socks with dresses and skirts.I think its an adorable look