Sunday, February 12, 2012


Although there's many Autumn/ Winter collections for 2012 being released and minimalist design and colour, I can't help but dream about wonderful and colourful clothing as well as the effects of Aurora Borealis. My own clothing wardrobe is lacking in printed designs such as sweaters and cardigans as well as vintage blouses, of course I need to earn a bit of money first and sell my old clothes before I buy anymore as my boyfriend has so ceremoniously pointed out. I wouldn't mind having galaxy printed loose jersey shirts as well as pattened jeans/ torusers and a good pair of swanky brogues.

I've been trying to find the perfect pair of patterned jeans, I know Ksubi are often a great source of colourful and modern denim but I'm more eager to find something vintage anda  bit more softly spoken. The horrible thing about trying to find great vintage trousers is that they're all in tiny sizes that I can't dream of fitting in- even the legs wouldn't accomodate my calves which have been sculpted after years of participating in sport. Another reason I wish I had skinny stick thin legs- there are so many wonderul printed jeans I can't fit in to but am able to afford. I live in a cruel and unusual realm of fashion. I think I've let a pair of these striped jeans pass my by at a good and reasonable price too- they were from Urban Outfitters and I've been looking for something with Beetlejuice flair for a while but also have been prioritising some purchases above others.

My love for unusual printed pants and leggings lead me ti buy a pair of Black Milk leggings which I threw back on eBay after only wearing them for two costume occasions and being much too timid to wear them out and about on the street. I'm much more comfortable it seems in buying things more versatille or at least jumpers with big and bright patterns. I wouldn't mind dressing the patterned leggings with black band shirts, but there's a lot more to exeperience when it comes to fashion and it appears that layering is the most popular among other fashion bloggers- something I myself am trying to incorporate into my own styling with difficulty.

Among my admiration for wild patterns and design in fashion I can't help but be drawn to the staple pieces as well such as denim shirts and jackets, a good leather jacket to be worn with a variety of patterned blouses and dresses in order to change things readily with my wardrobe. I've been able to find so many wonderful staple pieces but can't bring myself to finally buy them- I know I should be disciplined and save my money as well as sell more things online in order to save for overseas trips as well as expensive and label named pieces. It's a tricky balancing act when finances are concerned especially when such a wide spectrum of style and clothing is to be considered as well.

American model and singer Sky Ferreira showing off those gorgoues pouting lips of hers smeared in red lipstick with a patterned jumper. A sweatshirt with as many colours as well as patterns like this should be worn with denim cut-off shirts and tights underneath and simple canvas shoes for full and blossoming effect. I'm not sure I'll ever be that sort of teenage girl, I find myself much more drawn to the label brands and finely made things using precious metals and the occasional semi-precious stone. However it seems that the most popular fashion bloggers can create so many different and wild outfits by buying vintage pieces and having a keen eye for style. I'm too much of a fashion snob at the moment to live in such a way and rotate my wardrobe as readily as some of the big names such as Booke Kao and Tavi Gevinson.

I guess I'm a little more preoccupied with buying garments that are timeless and good quality as opposed to raiding op shops mindlessly for mediocre quality clothing that I can easily mix and match to best fit my own style- it's difficult to be able to bring new outfits and ideas when I've had much the same wardrobe for the past few years and don't readily feel inspired when observing other people's images. Instead I feel stuck in my own little realm and world where everything seems very much unchanged and the same. If Ionly I had the wild senseibility of a young teenager once again who didn't know that wearing a certain top with pants was wrong and was simply free to do as they pleased. Or if I had grown up to be an angst filled semi-anarchist with bindis as well as black lisptick at my disposal. Then maybe I would be less boring and wear more exciting outfits when going out with friends.

Something I had planned to get more intune with was film photography when I had sufficient funds to develop the six rolls of film sitting on my desk. What's worse is that there's about fifteen unused rolls sitting in a plastic sealer bag somewhere else in my study space and the number of half used rolls in various cameras around my room. At least a few of them will be moving on to better homes sometime this week when my eBay listings go through and I pick up another extra hundred dollars as an added bonus. The wonderful thing about film photography despite its expenses is all the wonderful surprised you get when observing the colours and tone of your photographs and light leaks. Digital photography while more accessible to the masses and cheaper will never have the unpredictable allure of its older counterpart.

It seems a waste to conduct self-portraint photographs in black and white unless you aim to focus on the looks of a person rather than their colouration and clothing. While my camera is lacking in a black and white setting, it would be nice to be able to explore that function of a camera in order to show prints of an ensemble of clothing if the colours don't fit well together- while it is a bit of a cheat it's something else to consider. I hadn't really considered texture and material of clothing to be such an important aspect until a few years ago but I feel I'm getting a better appreciation for it as time goes on.

As well as patterend pieces I've also had my eye on Mongolian lamb coats and bags to spice up my wardrobe but I should be considering how to carefully integrate pieces into my existing wardrobe rather than simply buying somehting because I like the way it looks- it seems that kind of rational will only carry you so far and you must also think about the types of clothing you wear as a whole for presentation rather than picking out the items of clothing you feel like wearing for a particular day. It seems that the world of fashion has evolved from so much more than keeping yourself warm and comfortable for the fashion bloggers who take it seriously and really enjoy being engulfed in this surreal world of style.

Since I now have acquired two delightful Yves Saint Laurent Arty rings as well as a brightly coloured satchel, all that is left for me to do is take photographs of myself with the two in hand and I can be a young and fashionable lady and trend setter for the massess... yeah I wish. If I had any sense I would create outfits as I sell my olf clothes or try and match as many potential outfits revolving around a single piece of clothing and then post them certain days and weeks apart from one another. It's also difficult to be a fashion blogger without anyone else to take photographs of yourself on the street and create this papparazii appeal about photographs hosted on your blog.

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