Friday, February 3, 2012

Sky Ferreira

In days of old when I thought using a second hand iPod touch was the coolest thing ever I had a few pictures of models I picked up here and there; the first being a topless model sporting a nipple piercing, belly bar as well as nose piercing with brown hair- more commonly known as Abbey Lee Kershaw who has since been dubbed as a super model. One of the others was still so young she had braces on but long luxurious flowing blond hair in curvaceous volume by the name of Sky Ferreira whom everyone was still waiting to mature and explode on to the scene. Since then, nearly all of the google images of her wearing her braces have gone and have instead been replaced with smouldering stares and glazed looks as well as her signature blond locks. I would kill to have hair as long as hers and of that texture.

I love her styled with her hair looking natural and much like a ragamuffin but when straightened the colours and tones of her hair all melt together, the only thing being bright are her luscious lips. It's possibly one of the best assets about her face, other than those big eyes and I don't think I ever have lips as full as that- unless I've eaten something spicy or I've been clumsy enough to bite my own lip.

Shown above in her own magazine article entitled 'Star Search: Sky Ferreira- Hurricane Lolita' and I think she really does fit the mould of being a young star since she's got miles and miles of images and photographs which she's starred in as well as a career as a model, singer, songwriter and actress. She's already achieved so much in her short life and it's rather depressing to compare her success to my own when she's just a year older than I am. Although she's most noted for her career in music, I think I prefer her best as a talent and a model.

As viewed by the friendly and mostly teenage blogging audience at Tumblr, Ferreira has been described as 'looking drunk in all her photographs' and anyone who can say such unkind criticism about this young starlet clearly hasn't seen her modelling photographs properly. The glazed look in her eyes is due to an unusual hazel colour that can look a lot brighter with professional photographic flashes as well as dark and sometimes smudgy eyeliner about the eyes. However, I think she looks rather fierce in many of her photo shoots and although her hair is wild and wavy which may radiate an untidy and inept look, it is her signature look which has really put her on the map as a recognisable and attractive model.

She's really quite a quirky character to fall in love with as well- I think some of my favourite pictures of Sky Ferreira are when she's wearing her own clothing or something in black. I have seen a fantastic photograph of her wearing a smock style dress all in leather with sheer tights which were nicely contrasted and complemented by her long and blond ragamuffin hair. Only someone of unique ingenuity and style could make such unusual glasses seem so cool- must be those masses of curls.

I myself had a front fringe which covered a whole side of my face and eye but I could never have the confidence and tenacity to look as fierce as Sky does here- although I never did wear red lipstick or the distant relics of pink and purple streaks in my hair at the time. I love the matching of reds between her lips and cardigan as well as the fine use of lip liner for full definition and oomph when it comes to her lips, arguably one of her best modelling attributes.

Whenever I view a photograph with such beautiful and romantic soft focus and arching finesse I long to be one of those pretty and popular girls with blond hair that would go out with mascara tinted eyelashes and lipstick ready to ruin in a moment of alcohol-fuelled passion. I suppose I blog to precariously live through the lives of beautiful people and hope to be one day recognised as a great blogger/ writer and get invited to fashion week celebrations and events.

It's hard to believe these two figures pictured side-by-side are one and the same person isn't it? On the left is the more current and up to date Sky Ferreira whom everyone is a little more familiar with sporting blond hair and red lips and on the right is her grungy and younger self with purple and pink streaks in her long dark hair with eyeliner full of attitude. Not a lot has changed in terms of her dress sense, but it's amazing the way a change of hair colour can seem to change how approachable a person is and their attitude as reflected from their physical appearance.

I've always been a little dubious when it comes to covering ponytails with a section of hair from the head, but it looks really great and natural in this photograph- a contrast to the lipstick and pale porcelain complexion. Although the curls here have obviously been perfected by a curling iron, it's hard to believe someone with a face as beautiful as Sky's can also be graced with perfect hair! Although the flash appears to have been to close to her face, there's a great contrast of red nails and matching red lipstick as well as yellow hypnotic eyes in the same shade as her hair. Some people really win when it comes to the lottery of life in the looks department, huh?

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