Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Show Pony

Wearing: Miss Shop Pony Shirt, Miss Shop Velvet Bow Hair Barrette (worn as tie), Cotton On black skirt, Rubi Shoes black wedges.

Yesterday I spent the day shopping with my mother and she treated me to a few bits and pieces collected from around my local department store; now I had intended to wear this outfit with a black bowler hat but I couldn't find it anywhere. Looks like I'll need to clean my room and sort through what I have floating about but even without the hat I'm really pleased with this outfit and my new blouse. I was really impressed with the black silhouette horse print in that fashion of Miu Miu 2010 but the horse print is so much smaller than the silhouette birds from which it took inspiration. There's also even variation in the patterns of movement of the horses.

For someone who has hair that is naturally a dark brown/ black colour, a black velvet hair barrette will probably due little good for me but how could I resist the allure and sophistication of it? I'm a sucker for velvet and the bow size was so generous it was too good an opportunity to pass up. I also bought it for the sole purpose of wearing it to dress up this shirt and the result is something that I'm very proud of. The only thing that could make me happier and possibly improve this outfit would to be wear a Deadly Ponies silver necklace featuring their icon of conjoined horse twins but I may need to wait to save up for that.

It's hard to believe that yesterday I wanted to sell these gorgeous Rubi wedges that I bought for only twenty dollars, I had forgotten how much fun they are to wear with brightly coloured socks. I'm sure for Winter I'll be eager to try them out with patterned tights as well as socks and alluring shorts and skirts. My next trip to the American Apparel store in Chapel Street will be spent on stocking up on frilly and fancy coloured socks to wear with my wedges and I'm sure you can expect to see a lot more of them in my outfit posts.

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