Monday, February 6, 2012


Ever since the post-exam celebrations and traditional holiday undertaken by year twelves in Australia and I encountered my first two plastic rosaries I've been pretty obsessed as of late. I found out that they two I bought in a small and gypsy looking shop in Phillip Island are called 'prison rosaries' because they're cheap and plastic and therefore can't be used as a lethal weapon in a strained situation. My brother inherited one of my grandmother's rosaries and I think my father has a few stored away in his wardrobe but I dare not wear those as a piece of jewellery- it seems disrespectful in that sense since I'm not particularly religious.

There's many great and cheap treasures online including this silver rosary necklace with moonstone beads that I adore- they're the perfect shade of lilac. I wouldn't mind wearing something like this against a black jumper that's loose and comfortable during the Winter season and while on my first trip to my university campus a high school girl wore a large plastic and over sized cross necklace I loved. Rosaries are just a little more common to find on the online market I find and I know exactly what I'll be seeing when I pop in the phrases into a search engine.

Plastic rosaries are my favourite of all the religious pieces since there's something so childish about them and they're in bright and colourful shades. I have light pink and purple but there's plenty of more available on the market. At a few dollars each, when my AdSense money comes in I may treat myself to one or two or splash out and get the moonstone rosary. The good thing about getting lots of little cheap things is that it usually prevents me from buying the few expensive things which will save me in the long run so maybe getting hooked on plastic rosaries isn't all bad.

From my knowledge of rosaries made in plastic (limited as it is) it seems that those which come in two different colours are the most unusual but not necessarily rare. Any way you look at it this black and green rosary would look great against a striped jumper or blouse, big horizontal stripes or even a plain and neat blouse. My mild obsession is partially due to the influence of Tavi Gevinson and her love of the culture of 'The Virgin Suicides' and her own rosaries scattered around in her room- a strange fascination for a practicing Jew. Maybe for someone without strong spiritual belief and belonging having a few rosaries here and there wouldn't be so blasphemous.

Finally, I present something rustic and antique made of wood, a rosary described as being used for ones room with carved wooden beads as well as hearts and a small cheap metal Jesus on the cross in fine detail. I wouldn't mind getting my hands on this baby, were it not for the small fact that i feel bad enough about breaching my bank account this week in spectacular fashion and being down some three hundred dollars. Hopefully the eBay listings I have at the moment will eventually pay off for me and I'll get to see a little more revenue and get rid of some junk in trade for some more rosaries and vanity space for more jewellery.

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