Monday, February 13, 2012

Rachel Rutt for Shakuhachi

Shakuhachi is a type of wooden Japanese flute, as well as an Australian fashion label that launched in 2000. Their google search has also garnered the sub title of "Shakuhachi- a clothing label garners a world wide following, perfectly combining elements of tender girlish charm and bohemian flare." Something else that is cause for celebration is that the label has now employed Rachel Rutt to show off their new California Dreaming collection which features strong structured dresses in fantastic colours which involve meticulous detail.

Rachel Rutt is one of my favourite models and is particularly inspiring because her heritage is much like mine; my mother is Malaysian and married an Australian man whereas Rachel Rutt's looks come from Singaporean and English heritage. I've always been a supporting of Australian fashion and tried to find great new brands breaking through and Shakuhachi's newest collection definitely has a lot of strength in terms of their bold designs for dresses as well as luxuriant fabrics and colours. The strong and bold lines as well as finely embroidered and puff panels for this dress are made all the more striking in the stark afternoon sun and worn on such a skinny and dainty frame.

I admit it's been far too long since I gave their online store a good scan and I love the variety of bold tops, skirts and dresses offered in the collection as well as Rachel Rutt starring as the prominent and indeed, only model for their new collection. There's a pink lace skirt in the same material as the dress above on the right that I may wait to buy until something second hand on eBay arises or a sale happens in the online store. With well-trained eyes and a keen eye for eclecticism I have confidence that the skirt would be worn with a number of tops and jumpers in order to create edgy and eccentric outfits.

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