Thursday, February 16, 2012

Punk Platforms and Creepers

One of the more favourable and fashion forward trends creeping into even the most prestigious of runway shoes is the humble platform brogue and to a lesser extent, a good pair of creepers. They're certainly nothing and have been around since the 90s but it appears they're platform heels, punk aesthetic and unusual colour combinations have won over a multitude of fashion bloggers across the world (myself uncluded). Although I do not own a pair of platform brogues, creepers or flatforms that doesn't mean I don't dream of owning any combination of the three.

Creepers can be worn casually with a pair of jeans, but one of my favourite stylings for the demonic shoes is with smart blazers, fashion blogger Susie Bubble of the Style Bubble has really opened my eyes to all the glorious possibilities. To match a textured, high-waisted skirt in pink with a pair of pure white creepers? It's unusual but also very satisfying to see such a casual, chic and eclectic take on how to style  apair of creepers. It's reassuring to know that a pair of creepers aren't a large commitment piece in terms of pledging your allegiance to the punk style but can be used to add edge and attitude to a sweet outfit.

I've seen many platform heels added to a wide variety of shoes as of late but never before had I seen platforms added to hiking boots, most likely due to the impractical nature of the marriage. The craving and need to add platform heels to flats as well as brogues was something I had commonly encountered but I've never seen platform boots with such a vintage appeal and air about them. There's something so wholesome and wonderful about the striped carpet, patterened leggings and platforms shown in the photograph above and I wonder who leant their creative mind to the making of these gorgeous shoes.

Not exactly punk are they with the boater style and fringed laces; I just couldn't help included these little suckers since they reminded me so much of the platform sneakers from Moonspoon but more sensible and seaworthy. I'm in the market for a pair of really good, comfortable platform shoes with a little bit of versatility about them to wear with a range of outfits and for sass. Of course if I manage to find a crazy pair that are unique, one-of-a-kind and totally outrageous I'll probably but them as well and have to buy the rest of my clothes from a second hand shop, making for some wonderfully quirky and kooky outfits.

Taking fashion to new heights and in wild, bombastic colours and patterns you can see a pair of platform sneakers of this calibre belong in a street style photograph. I envision them attached to a teenage girl in a vintage lace dress, with studded leather jacket and maybe smeared black lipstick. Shoes like this should never be condemned to solitary confinement at the back of someone's closet, they deserve to roam free and be your new best friends exploring vintage shops and alley ways full of hidden and secretive delights.

It's hard to pick a firm favourite among so many wonderful pairs of creepers and platform punk shoes, but today's winner is this wonderful clashing print of fluorescent orange and blue. I don't necessarily need the added height but it can't hurt a girls' chances at get picked out amongst the crowd and they are sure to be a conversation starter. There's the traditional elements of a good pair of creepers- the double D shaped chains accomadating laces as well as the rounded toe but they're so wild and different I wish I new the creative genius who made these! Prada have been ruffling some feathers amongst stars of the fashion world and in their last hree collections have given rise to some wonderful and kooky pairs of platform brogues but I dare say these blue and orange beasts wouldn't fit in amongst their collection. If you know the identity of these shoes I would love to hear from you and glean from your wonderful databank of fashion knowledge.

If you can't afford a pair of wonderfully coloured creepers don't despair, there are plenty of other weird and wonderful alternatives available to you in terms of DIY reconstruction and extensions. For example following in the example of the photograph above, spikes and chains slung across the laces of your creepers will add instant punk aesthetic and may even repel surly romantic attempts. I take comfort and reassurance in the small fact that our image is our most powerful image and that it can convery a number of messages from the combination of clothes and accessories we choose to wear. Platform shoes can be used to gain height and superiority over others and creepers can either heighten a punk ensemble of ripped jeans, black shirt and anorak or toughen up a prissy looking dress.

The 90s gave birth to some wonderful stars including wild hair deying techniques, grunge music and some wonderful pairs of platform shoes. It's hard enough to find Dr Martens combat boots with a holographic sheen to them but to find something with such a platform sole and height? They look gorgeous in the soft focus lens of the camera as well as the light bouncing off the platform in a magical array of rainbow colours. Girls like me dream of finding treasure like this in second hand shops and paying bottom dollar for such a wonderful pair of statement shoes and it appears the lucky owner of these babies really struck vintage gold when they found these.

A close second for my favourite pair of creepers/ punk shoes is this gorgeous pair of clear perspex platform creepers complete with metallic spikes and studded to perfection. I'm continually impressed with the amount of detail and fine craftsmanship involved for fashion pieces and hpw they are made to be beautiful both inside and out. The reflective/ metallic sheen around the platform sole is very chic; you could almost get away with wearing a vintage dress cutaway at th front to really show off a pair of shoes as wonderful as this. At the moment I've got fashion week on the brain and all I can think of is to enter as many competitions as possible to attend as a VIP, as well as what I would wear to such an occasion.

Yellow has never really been my colour and is hard for a number of people to pull off, but with such a beautiful pair of platform creepers in magnificent fluorescent yellow how could anyone resist their charms? They could be worn with a fluorescnet yellow satchel from the Cambridge Satchel company or even with long pleated maxi skirts in florals and clashing denim shirts. There are so many wonderful avenues of opportunity for these shoes, I only wish I owned them myself so I could hold my head high and count myself as a fashionable force of nature.

The last pair of statement creeper that I'll comment on have all the glampor and clase of real gold but the true creepers structured and a noticeably smaller platform sole compared to its other predecessors. They're certainly not the most strange pair of creepers ever created but I think there is something rather unique and even classy about them with the metallic material contrasting against the black heel. I'm sure there are plenty of other weird and wonderful combinations of colours, prints and platform heights we can expect to see as this trend snowballs and gains momentum. It's only a matter of time before I cave as well and find myself a wonderful pair of punk shoes to grace my feet and maybe even accentuate my height. One can only hope I'll find the perfect pair to soothe my insatiable style apetite for these shoes and their punk radiance.


  1. how can I find those with the spikes :)

  2. I wish I knew myself! Zooming in and reading the sole is the nest solution I can offer at the moment...

  3. If you go to click on jeffrey cambell he has the same exact clear high sole sneaker with the spikes .....

  4. Hi! Do you know where to buy the gray and black Creepers? :)

  5. how do you find the orange and sky blue creepers from and also the yellow and white satchel