Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Punk Hair

As I looked around at the backs of many people's heads in the lecture theatre for my university course I noticed that all the hair colour were just varying shades of brown and was nearly bored to tears by it all. I suppose all the interesting people with a wilder streak are doing a Bachelor of Arts or perhaps have decided on working full time in a shop, slowly earning wages and also a handsome staff discount for themselves. While it looks like the students in my undergraduate course and faculty are missing some wonderful colours for hair, I can be thankful I live in a society in which we can order hair dye for all sorts of wonderful colours online and prepare our flowing manes in any which way we see fit whether that means with the generous application of green hair dye or choosing our favourite colour to dominate our appearance.

Although the contrast between white and black spiralling from the crown of the head looks a little cosmic and like the arms of a galaxy extending outwards, I am thankful that without taking the plunge of dyeing my hair I can live without the fear of regrowth and having to reapply hair dye. There is also a solution for those of us that want to dye out hair and not fuss over roots showing, which is dip dyeing and colouring the last few inches of hair but that seems rather outdated and not at all popular on the streets these days. A shame really, that's the last hair fad that I really did enjoy as of late.

My favourite of all the wild hairstyles and colours is soft lilac in a gorgeous and luxurious fishtail braid- I never learnt to braid in any style that was overly complicated but I wish I had the skilled hands to perform such a feat. I'm adamant that I love my natural hair colour and am very proud of my lovely long locks as well as the little care and maintenance for it but once in my life I would love to be extraordinary and have a wonderfully colourful haircut. I bet it's the sort of reckless thing I'd resort to after a bad breakup or even possibly as a mid-life crisis tactic. While other people may reach for the bottle and turn to substance abuse, instead I'll be reaching for bottles of hair dye and peroxide. How can I live my life and look back on all my accomplishments, knowing I never once had light purple hair?

For those of you interested, the shower cap is something from the Urban Outfitters home wares section I believe and I'm surprised at just how well it matches the lime green and dip dyed ends of this girl's hair. To be born with naturally blond hair and to have this colour sustained after being hormonally ravaged during puberty is a rare gift- I've known girls to dye their hair temporarily using food dye and if you were that way inclined you could easily perform such a feat on light coloured hair. Instead of being able to enjoy and shelter myself in the safety of blond hair I have a natural colour that more closely resembles black and would need to be pre-treated before dyeing.

Already featured on this blog but too good to resist a second time is this young and stunning girl, dressed entirely in black with creepers and a lace top. It's not fair that some people can look so sweet and endearing when wearing all black and I look like the grudge and scare people away to a small one metre radius away from me. It must be the pale skin, blue eyes as well as perfectly maintained eyebrows that sweeten the deal as well purple hair in soft curls.

I know for a fact that my own parents would have heart attacks and also probably consider themselves failures if I were to ever dye my hair green- it's probably for the best I don't have such wonderfully weird hair to maintain. The dark green as well as lighter shades go well with the floral wreath and its bright pink flower but the shades of blue and purple also compliment her subtle use of eyeshadow. I always love the confusing oppositions created when punk hair is worn with something pure like white lace and a floral headband, gold necklace and the pure image ruined yet again with the use of a black lip piercing.

I can sometimes get jealous of boys for such odd reasons, this time it's because they mainly have shorter hair than girls and could change their colour so much more easily than someone like me with hair that reaches down in a mermaid like fashion. While it isn't uncommon these days for women to be sporting short hair, I prefer to maintain my long locks as a sign of femininity as well as romanticism about myself. That wouldn't make dyeing it an unusual colour all at once an easy job but I can still wear a lovely crown of flowers just as well as the next king or queen of the fairies.

Charlotte Free, possibly the world's best model with pink hair working it while wearing a demure black and white polka dot blouse and thick gorgeous eyeliner. I'm normally content with my long dark hair and what my mother describes as, Japanese looks but now and then I crave the extraordinary and the new and exciting. I want the bold rush and amazing hair colour of a Vogue editorial from Japan and something that blurs the line between reality and fantasy. With pink hair, wearing pink lipstick would be a joy and eyeliner would be striking rather than intimidating. Oh the joys of having colourful hair that isn't a shade of washed out black, maybe one day I will acquaint myself with that magical realm.


  1. I don't know who you are but after reading a couple of your blog posts I almost feel like we know each other *.* .

  2. Yeah I kinda feel the same. :) And I like this post.