Saturday, February 11, 2012


All the emails I've been receiving from online stores and shopping centres alike about their Valentine's Day selection must be leaking into my brain, it's either that or my inner romantic is finally unleashing itself in a spectacular fashion-fulled frenzy. I've been enjoying a lot of pink as well as floral as of late to admire and the pink glass stone of my Yves Saint Laurent Arty Ring which I had intended to throw back on eBay but I'm such a softie I don't think I have the heart to do it. If I am lucky enough to receive roses on Valentine's Day then I'll have to do a photo shoot holding my bouquet as well as sporting the large stone over my knuckle.

It seems that when I think of those effortlessly feminine heroines of mine, they all involve tall skinny legs that go on for miles and are decorated with utterly adorable and kittenish flats. I know I should be pleased to work in a job where I get to exercise and run up and down rather than stand fixed in one stop but I would love to get rid of all the muscle in my legs and just have them skinny for once in my life.

While I've been working hard and slaving away on a hot whistle it's been nice to think about all the things I'll treat myself to when I save the money and also staring at my treasures recently bought that I need to compensate for. One day when I move out I'll get many scented candles as well as some healing crystals for decoration to put at the top of my desk or maybe in front of the window as a little mystique reminder of who I am and what I loved as a child. Although I study within the discipline of science I can't possibly turn my back on the folklore of magic and pixies I was raised on.

I always wanted and lusted after a pink tulle dress with gorgeous little sequined detail but alas my mother had other ideas and chose black instead. My Year 12 formal dress had a nice sequin and scalloped effect at the top but it was the pink counterpart I was really after. It doesn't matter how much black one wears, the amount of Vans and jeans worn day in and day out, a girl will always for one lingering moment long to be a pretty princess on the biggest formal and social occasion of her school life. Her wedding night is the crowning moment of all these dreams, although I dare say one can't wear a faintly pink dress on that day of days, in a sort of bargain and trade tiaras however, are acceptable.

I'm afraid that no one has flowers on the brain more than I do at the moment, in a few hours I'll get to chat online with my beau about our plans for Valentine's Day as well as speculate the colour of roses he'll be getting me. Although it would appear that I still have a long way to go until these flowery thoughts engulf me entire state of being and I'm nothing more than a gorgeous body in a frilly cocktail dress and a dainty floral arrangement. It's been a long time since I last received flowers so I'm a little excited to see what he'll pick out as well as shoot a little bit of playful photography inspired by the mood of the day.

If I could I would be surrounded by a garden of pink- the grass would betall and soaked with a tinge of orange and pink like a spectacular sunset and fed and watered on a diet of pink water. The contrast with the sky whether it be pitch black, sky blue or sullen and overcast would always brighten up the mood of the day and I would be without a male companion of any kind if I did live in such a manner. I guess I'll have to make do with natural pink things such as flowers and possibly even vintage My Little Pony figurines bought online as well.

I love the hidden potential of the pink tulle and it's sheeny sparkle in this photograph as well as the gorgeous girl holding it- given the right hands, creativity as well as a stable sewing machine and one could spin a dress that dreams built. I myself have always been better at wrapping myself in material and falling in love with my own reflection than making my daydreams and wishes a reality. Even with limited amount of a material a small pill box hat could be made in preparation for something such as large horse racing events or maybe just your local vintage club having a get-together.

I'd love to having creeping streaks of soft lilac and lavender in my hair, if I can't have dip dye (which has fallen out of Vogue I feel) then this effect of soft streaks and stronger colour at the bottom of the ends is quite becoming and contrasts a natural tone with pink and purple. I've been longing to have dip dye in my hair for a while and also been fighting myself on the matter since my experiences with hair dye have always been regrettable but maybe I could buy the dye myself, ask for peroxide and bring a photograph like this to instruct and coach the hairdresser on. There's still the small matter of upsetting my much beloved boyfriend if I were to do something as childish and outrageous as having purple and pink in my hair but realistically, when else will I get away with such a stunt?

To style the mannequins for a second hand shop would be a wondrous and most splendid thing considering all the possible outfits and avenues one can explore. The contrast of the Metallica shirt supporting their album 'Master of Puppets' as well as the washed out denim jacket, lace gathered skirt and doily collar at the neck is perfect. I want to personally congratulate the person who set up this outfit and give them a gold star and take them out to lunch as well discussing the dichotomy between hard rock and grunge as well as soft tea party motifs and Marie Antoinette.

I would love to live in a grand old house with creaky wooden stairs, spiral motifs and a second story but I think houses like this only exist in America in rich suburban areas. Curious that the placement of the flower has hidden the face of, what I assume to be the happily married couple- maybe a conscious decision to allow the viewer to live through this imaginary and fantasy world of grand designs. Although I do love to buy many beautiful pieces of jewellery and clothing, I can't help but think of saving for a gorgeous house- the ultimate statement of luxury and decadence really. Filling that house with beautiful items and clothes is secondary in my daydreams of adulthood.

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