Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Prada S/S12

Just when I thought all was lost and the best of Prada, the 2011 Autumn/ Winter collection had slipped through my fingers my breath is taken away by the tantalizing temptation that is the new Resort collection of 2012 full of 50s inspiration. As well as patterns, bold and iconic sunglasses there's a lot of influence of hot rod cars and flames as well as tatoo prints. I can't wait to take strolls around Chadstone shopping centre again holding the hand of my beau once more and slowing down my pace and craning my head to look at the likes of Prada and Miu Miu as well.

The collection is about with pastel tones as well as striking and sharp designs such as the soon-to-be-coveted flame heels with flashing backing lights. Each collection seems to get bigger and better and there's also these small recognisable elements which is leading to a fashion identity for Prada- something I'm absolutely in love with.

My breath has been taken away by these gorgeous embellished jackets which seem to have a Chanel kitsch material about them but also in 40s colours that remind me a lot of fancy garden parties. This notion is further emphasised by the sweet garlands of pink flowers as well as roses in green and black- and the belt of crystal design and floral motifs is absolutely wonderful. Makes me want to pick up my novel of Alice and Wonderland as well as throw a splendid tea party and dress rather dapper. I can already feel my wallet crying out in pain...

Although the resort collection from Prada will be released when Autumn and Winter rears their ugly heads in the Southern Hemisphere, I can't wait to wear some chic boob tubes for myself as well as matching patterned skirts and antique looking jewellery. The earrings, necklaces and belts all remind me of the antique and vintage jewellery available from up-market store Barneys in New York.

As well as wildly designed heels, there's clutches featuring hot rods that are more shaped like sharks in contrast to the feminine floral prints in three-dimensional arrangements. This contrast between the masculine and feminine is also evident in the Men's runway show which is interesting in a design point of view but both of the shows are very rooted in the design of the clothing; it's the patterns and colours that are ambiguous.

The nude coloured make up as well as familiar side fringe high one the forehead echo the model presentation of my much beloved A/W11 collection but there's more pastel and stark shades about the models faces. I wouldn't be so keen to try it myself for everyday but I do quite like the soft ringlets over the shoulder. Depending on the materials and gems used for the earrings you see above I might be keen to get some for myself- it's all in relation to the price of real antique diamonds and similar designs. If not, I'll just opt for flat diamonds in cardboard from Alice Euphemia.

You can expect to see a lot of great Resort collections for big names such as Prada, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Miu Miu. I'm delighted to see a hard copy of this very advertisement above in my March copy of Australia Vogue and I'm sure there will be many more great leads as far as collections, clothing and accessories goes and there will be plenty more pieces of gold to comment on for this blog.

I hate feeling conflicted about my own gender as far as clothing is concerned but I am rather envious of the Men's runway show for their great pastel coloured brogues full of tasseled detail and studded loafers as well. Then their dress pants are more like prints from the 60s and 70s; two eras I've been scouring high and low for on Etsy. Maybe if I could be bothered I could buy the largest sized pants available in the store and give them to be altered to fit the shape of a woman instead? I now, I'm absolutely hair-brained sometimes but it hasn't pushed away any one of importance yet.

The stiletto heels for these gorgeous heels are even made to mimic the antennae of a car! It seems no small detail has been spared in the design of these gorgeous and imaginative beauties, I can't wait to see them in store for myself and maybe even be daring enough to play around with them. There's thin spaghetti straps around the backs of the heels hidden by the flames in the side profile of this stunning runway shot. I can't imagine styling these with an outfit though; now that would be a rather promising challenge!

For those mushy hearted romantics there's sweetly coloured dresses in a lemon colour with high-necked structure and edgy car prints. Now this is something that seems quite versatile for someone of my dress sense as well as affordable without the added cost of embellishment. I can see around the waist a sort of elasticised ruching all the way around the front which insures a flattering fit and comfort when eating meals. I can't wait to see how Prada's craftsmen and sewing machines stitch what is traditionally perceived as a garish way of fitting a garment, along with just about everything else in between for this gorgeous and colourful collection.

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  1. Ebay has a pair of the red on pink Cars Sunglasses. They're totally rare because they were only made for the fashion show.