Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pink Magic

I've been feeling rather green all day and there's definitely been a lack of colour in my cheeks as well as in my day. I shamefully bought two Yves Saint Laurent rings (one in black and one in pink) and although I ordered the pink one over a week ago and payed for the black stone ring yesterday, I received the black ring in the mail today. Fortunately with the much awaited photographs of Deadly Ponies new collection including the colour magenta as well as a few sunsets and surreal photographs including pink I feel a little better. I bet if I was a graceful mermaid I wouldn't feel this deep funk I'm in as well as this weird state of missing school. I have nothing to do for the next month or so except for continue to blog and keep trying to sell things on eBay- yes it is a very exciting existence.

One day I will drag myself from the comfort of the office chair and computer woke station and trawl the streets of Japan as well as many other notable cities of the world with my camera in hand drinking in exotic aromas, street food and absorbing bountiful amounts of culture and fashion. Until then I shall remain sorting out many of the images stored on my computer as well as wistfully writing about popular and amazing labels for jewellery, clothing, shoes and other accessories in an attempt to sooth my taste for fashion. It's never going to work though, if I hadn't have blogged about the Yves Saint Laurent Arty Ovale ring then I would never have bought two.

I've already posted this exact photograph of model Sky Ferreira chewing on a stick of mint gum but that was untouched and had minimal Photoshop appeal about it as opposed to its pink counterpart. That's the great thing about being blond, your hair can naturally take to dyes of all sorts of colours and the art of digital editing can also create the illusion of pink hair. The pink hair is given a real and edginess with eyeliner and mascara framing the outer edges of Sky's eyes- I prefer myself to have long and extended wisps of eyeliner in a cat-like effect.

I'm not one to wear a lot of pink myself but I do have a rather nice pink blouse in a silk-like fabric covered in small swallows in dark blue ink. They're about the size of the eye of a needle each so not as iconic as the Miu Miu 2012 collection but at the time I bought it I was mad for the runway models and the campaign so buying a thirty dollar blouse I love to death and wear about five times a month seemed like a good investment at the time. Once I find myself a pink maxi dress full of pleats and a bustier like front I think I'll be quit fixed of the pink phase in terms of clothing, shoes and accessories is an entirely different ballgame I'm afraid...

After having been there myself, I can confidently conclude that this is not the Disneyland Princess castle of California but may however be a newer Disneyland location- I'm not accustomed to seeing this jagged bridge and prefer the straight and narrow path myself to the castle but the swirling metal silhouette of Peter Pan's Tinkerbelle towards the top most tower is a nice touch. Both are painted in that familiar newborn baby girl pink that so many little one suits as well as young girl's toys are made out of.

Everything seemed to prosperous and prospective last week when I had a half a thousand dollars available in my bank account, I was even tempted to get some pink perfume, maybe Miss Dior of Viktor and Rolf's Flowerbomb in bright sparkly pink but since I caved in to desire once again, I'm back at square one. In the old days of my eBay use having my money at home was most perilous but since starting an PayPal account and linking it to my bank account it seems 'saving' my money is getting very tricky what with all the hours I spend online searching for vintage pieces as well as new and exciting foreign brands.

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