Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pink Hair

After another bought of hormones and fanciful teenage daydreaming I am once again contemplating dyeing part of my hair pink from the outside influence of the micro-blogging website Tumblr bombarding me with all manner of wonderful photographs. I think the key difference between the girls pictured with pink hair and myself is that they are actually pretty whereas I am not, have always been a bit of a plain Jane and have never had the confidence to have a really bold and colourful haircut. I'm shy, my neutral face expression makes me look sad/ upset and the haircut would only end up wearing me but still, I can't help but admire the shimmery tones and shades when the pink hair catches the light as well as the way curls create eddies and crests for hair to bounce off.

Pink hair in Vogue, it happened and not only that but it looks simply gorgeous as well as artistic and luxuriant. Although it does look like a wig and the fringe is roughly cut in places, I like the theatrical nature of this piece as well as the strong structured shoulders and matching hair piece made of tweed and organic materials. It would be wonderful if people could have naturally pink hair, mother nature may not have devised that in her grand plan for camouflage but think how much more interesting and colourful the world could become.

Model Charlotte Free has been one of the great pioneers in terms of having pink hair- it's sort of her trademark look along with punk and grunge style. It seems that she's had many different shades of pink, from a dark magenta colour to this soft cotton candy shade. I suppose that's one thing to consider when getting ones hair dyed repeatedly- the colour will change when having to dye a lighter colour using peroxide and also when the dye fades you might have red hair turning to pink. That trick is something I'll be banking on when I try to dye my ends, start at a lovely red colour, let it fade naturally and then continually reapply pink hair dye to sustain that particular shade.

Pink hair is such a bold fashion statement in itself, but there's something alluring about the combination of cheap plastic jewellery as well as shirts with rainbows on them that makes the appeal of pink hair even more attractive. Even when wearing all black one would look quite colourful when sporting soft pink hair which is another positive aspect that is gravitating me mentally towards bottles of hair dye. Having dark hair and a natural affection for black jeans and jumpers doesn't work in my favour but having pink hair would make me look fashionable and bombastic as opposed to disgruntled and angered by the state of affairs of the world.

I love everything about this photographic, the silk jacket and its swallow motif in sky blue, the galaxy shirt in black as well as the messy, soaked pink hair. The use of red eyeshadow as well the shade of deep purple creates even more wonderful shades of that spectrum in the rainbow and the conscience decision for the hair to darken in colour at the ends is gorgeous as well. For some strange reason I've been adoring the pairing of pink and blue together- it must have been the Creatures of the Wind collection with lace insert that has me that way inclined. I love wearing black shirts and have been looking for silk jackets with amazing colours but maybe they would look even better if I had a purple/ pink hue about my hair, even if it was just at the ends and melded my natural hair colour with the fantasy colours more akin to My Little Pony figurines.

I'd love to be able to braid and intertwine colours together such as my own brown hair and lilac- since I would never be allowed to have half pink and half blue hair while living under the roof of my parents. The conflicting problem about having such wild and fantastic hair is that it needs to be kept in a certain way and to achieve such a bold effect it needs to be braided everyday- I doubt that it would look as good without being braided. Just as Cruella Deville has short hair that is half white and black it is always styled in the same manner in order to have the full effect and impact of a Disney villain, with something as bold as half pink and blue hair you need to think carefully about how to style it for maximum colourful impact.

This photography presents the main issue I have about dyeing hair- eventually it will become dry and brittle as well as extremely damaged, your dark roots will need to be continually attended to twice a week and it will have a rough unkept air about it. I'm getting a haircut myself soon with the dead ends chopped off as well as layers redone but only then will I access for myself whether I should make the brave decision to have pink/ purple streaks in my hair or to dip dye. Her outfit is simple and a little childish featuring a simple shirt with a rainbow as well as pastel blue shorts, but her skin is tan and you can already tell she's a size zero easily. The girls who have hair dyed in wonderful colours are either unbelievably attractive or very artistic and spend their time going out to clubs and I don't fit into either of those categories.

What inspired me again to think about dyeing hair was this image of a model for a vintage reseller store called Crux and Crow, I've been a fan of this particular store for a long time and their chosen model changes her hair quite often but this is certainly one of the brighter and more colourful haircuts she's chosen. I love the way the pink and purple streaks flow up from the ends of her hair and the soft brown hues at the crown of her head. Not many people can pull off having a high fringe but the addition of streaks there too also does well to create a grunge and punk aesthetic. My hair is much too long and without texture to pull off something as impressive as this but I couldn't mind having uneven and mismatched colours creeping in my hair as well. I'm in half a mind after my proper haircut to get the hair dye, print this photograph and ask a hairdresser to do something similar for myself.

I would never have the guts to dye my full head of hair pink and also accessorize in the matching colour. No, I would use it ax an excuse to wear lots of grunge pieces such as denim and black, the occasional use of studs and even a leather jacket to contrast my dark style with my lighthearted hair. As I keep selling more and more pieces on eBay and shrinking my wardrobe, I'm slowly allowing myself to buy some more pieces and become more like the person I always wanted to become all throughout high school. Whether that will entail pink and purple in my hair I really can't say at the moment, it depends on a few factors mainly including my relationships with people but for now my mind is still on the hair dye.

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