Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pamela Love Fall 2012

The New York native Pamela Love has blown away any critiques of her jewellery range once again, with a noticeably different appeal about her collection. Presented on models with smudged eyeshadow across their face and tough, thick brown overalls the lovely ladies were presented as metal smiths themselves which helped to create a really strong and rooted background story about the collection. It's missing all the skulls and gore, as well as crystals that I've come to know and love about jewellery from Pamela Love, but I still admire it for its strong ethnic appeal and folk art interpretation. 

The stand out pieces that are new and exciting in terms of the Pamela Love jewellery family are the large statement collar necklaces featuring large geometric shapes and inlaid turquoise pieces. What's wonderful about this large statement collar necklace shown above is that as the design narrows, two chains are used to secure the piece making it more of a bib necklace than a true metal collar. I've always been drawn to the suggestive and sexual nature of a collar necklace but had my doubts about the comfort of wearing one as well as putting it on for the evening bu with the simple use of chains and a necklace clasp, it appears Pamela Love has come to my salvation.
Although industrialism was at the heart of the runway show with an ominous boiler room pipe centre piece at the back of the stage, I can't help but notice that hammered pieces of copper jewellery with semi-precious stones is missing a grittiness in their own design. Instead I am reminded of the Mayan and Aztec influence and pyramids as well as the sound of pan flutes playing in the air- the gorgeous and intricate design of this necklace in its tiered design of multiple panels would certainly be something to be proud of it were a part of your wardrobe. I'm sure it would earn quite a lot of attention when worn in attendance at a fashion runway event with fashion bloggers abound and maybe a vintage shirt just to mix things up a bit.
I must admit that the minimalist and strong sense of creation about the collection really does create a lot of open space to present the earrings, necklaces and bracelets of the collection of the model. I can imagine the large collar necklaces being draped over a black shirt during the daytime with cut off denim shorts and at night worn with a dress featuring a sexy dart down the side to show off the legs. As much as I admire the new direction Pamela Love has taken and the understanding of her collector like habits for trinkets and pieces of silver I do wish there was a more religious and dark grunge aesthetic style about the pieces. Give me skulls and bird talons brushed in oxidised silver anyday.

Another Mayan/ Aztec/ tribal favourite when it comes to an approach with jewellery is the combination of turquoise and red stones in warrior like designs and shapes such as the daring and dangling conical earrings. I love the dedication and small puzzle like pieces of all of the necklaces, especially the dual tiered effect of these two necklaces to match the earrings. I would never be daring enough to try these pieces on for myself, I haven't been inspired by a lot of these necklaces in an artifact-like fashion but more vintage clothing and second hand recycling. I'm sure they could feature well in an editorial piece for models travelling around on sure footed donkeys and lead by Sherpas for Fall/ Winter collections in Peru.

Small hints of the Pamela Love I came to know, love and adore are apparent in the use of darkening around the turquoise stones of the collar necklace as well as the stunning ear cuffs shown right featuring dangling chains. I've been toying with the idea of getting an ear cuff myself since I don't want any more piercings but I don't think the Pamela Love range is quite what I'm after, you have to really love the tribal and Aztec pattern to commit to it so thoroughly. The silver and oxidised patterns on the long dangling panel earrings is really something though and for someone who has small lobes I could easily swing for a pair of those and a good pair of thick vintage glasses.

As if it wasn't enough to include impressive pieces of turquoise in the design of their statement necklaces for the Pamela Love Fall 2012 collection, there's even geometric designs of triangular and angular lines in the turquoise pieces themselves. These types of necklaces are the toast of the collection for me, but it would require someone with a long neck as well as beautiful stature to really wear the piece and have a fierce and determined look about them. The focus of the models to deliver a look and stare of cold and steely determination is really something that has evolved the Pamela Love collection and

I was surprised to see a runway show from the brand. I suppose when you work in a studio in New York there are big things expected of you and you need to deliver things in big and bold, exciting and ingenuitive ways. While this collection may not have been my favourite of all her collections so far, I have great faith in Pamela Love and her ability to deliver stunning jewellery in a creative manner as well as improving her designs to impress the masses of fashion hungry girls, such as myself.

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