Thursday, February 9, 2012


Orange was my favourite colour when I was a little girl, not even in kindergarten and there's nothing more orange I can think of then the Prada Fur stoles of their 2011 resort collection. I longed to get my filthy hands on one of the imaginative, bright and colourful pieces that reminded me so much of the illustrations for Dr Suess' children's books but the opportunity slipped through my hands. I couldn't find them for sale online anywhere at the time though, there's very little solace found in that minute detail for me because somewhere in the closet of some luckier fashion blogger their hiding in a dry cleaners' bag and waiting to be worn by someone like me.

Orange isn't a colour I frequently wear as part of my everyday wardrobe but it is something I do enjoy looking at after enduring a rather sullen day full of proverbial pit-falls as well as unpleasant verbal exchanges.I certainly could swing for a nice floral blouse in orange, vintage and cheap found from Etsy but I have very little motivation to buy anything at the moment since I have a rather empty looking wallet- fortunately a few eBay listings are coming through and finishing on the weekend and I'll pick up about a hundred dollars in the next two days for work.

I've adored foxes for a while with their contrasting shades of grey, white and black and their orange fur but there is no way that I would wear a real fox fur stole. Online there are a few knitted creations of foxes in yarn to be worn as scarves that I certainly approve of but it is rather difficult to find vintage faux fur in fun colours and shades. I know a good website that sells great vintage pieces at massive spiked mark ups and margins but it seems their fur pieces sell out in seconds, even worse when they're in gorgeously outrageous colours such as blue and green and in faux fur too. There's a monkey fur jacket in deep green at the moment that looks beautiful but I would by wracked with guilt if I wore...

If you ever feel like you live in a dull world savaged by businessmen, grey buildings and the industrious revolution take a look at your local pet shop and try and find some cute little birds with sharp orange beaks that seem to be made of enamel and contrasting peach feathers. Birds are one of my least favourite animals, but even I am willing to acknowledge their cute and lovable nature when their large beady black eyes are shining out at you like that.

I can't imagine myself ever owning a brightly coloured Chanel handbag but I do love the contrast of a hot pink pleated skirt, tied up blouse and the bag all together. There's such a tropical nature about this photograph and the coordination is to die for- it seems that I still have a long way to go as far as styling and dress sense goes but at least I follow some of the best in order to be taught in the noble ways of the fashion blogger.

What better orange idol to follow then the lovely Florence Welch shown performing in one of her dazzling costumes the tassels of her dress thrown around as much as her lovely red hair. I only know of two women that are lovely and eccentric sporting red hair, the first being my favourite singer and the second being a dear friend of mine. Both have been blessed with the skinniest legs you have ever seen, a little unfair considering all the running about I do which has only yielded in strained muscles.

I've always wanted to get a great pair of coloured jeans or something in a bold pattern but never really though of what to style them with; the answer? Why a vintage rock shirt of course, I must be rubbing elbows with my brother a bit too much these days but the simple design of a black band shirt or a white raglan shirt is equally effective. Now if only I can afford to buy a few hundred dollar pair of jeans then we'll be in business any moment now...

There's something that always gets to me when I see a group of models dressed similarly together in the same shade, with the varying shades of lipstick. It's seems like the perfect cult phenomena with the neatly tied ribbons in their hair and the orange icy poles poised at their lips. I wished people like that existed in real life, and perhaps they do but I've just been looking in the wrong places all this time.

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