Saturday, February 11, 2012

Olympia Le-Tan Pre-Fall 2012 Part 2

Just as I think the flow of previews of the new collection are coming to a stop, she just keeps the lovely little sneak previews coming. I had previously written a post collaborating the Pre-Fall pieces released on the Olympia Le-Tan Tumblr but since then there have been even more additions and I think it's only fair I admire and adore them as well. I've noticed the change within her online store and website so it's only a matter of time before her Pre-Fall 2012 will be released but then again for a born and bred Parisian maybe her Pre-Fall collection will probably come in the midst of my Southern Hemisphere Winter and closer to my birthday...

It's the purple/pink coloured book clutches with medieval embroidered detail and designs that I'm most eager to see, this being the second best of that specific genre I've created. They're all wonderful and I'm eager to get any of her collection at a good price but since her new collection holds such promise as well as mystery about it I'm willing to go with the flow at this point. With that said though, I've already let a few get away from me at 75% off and I will not let such an opportunity pass me by again.

There wonderful thing about viewing the minaudières created by Olympia Le-Tan with help from her sister Cleo made in their studio in Paris is that there's such a great variety of colours and techniques- the strength of their label is that they recreate designs from other artists and transport it into a different type of media. So sometimes the book covers are wordy as well as scrolled with embroidery thread and then there's the artistic and bold impressionist view of the human body show above. There's a great variety too of fonts and the way their blended in to the book cover design in order to attract readers, or in the case of this medium those eyeballing and ogling the Le-Tan collection.

This lovely cover has had the gracious honour of being my computer background for the last week or so and I think I was most appreciative of the fine speckled detail in black felt for the beast, as well as the large sewn title of Il Gattopardo. I find writing beautifully to be laborious enough but to be able to create felted letters or stitch the title of a book in another language must be extraordinarily difficult. Red was my favourite childhood colour and the shade used for this particular book cover and minaudière matches the detail of the eyes and mouth of the feline beast- beige and red is a favourite contrasting and classic pair for the Le-Tan range of clutches it seems.

Amongst all the finely threaded and embroidered details as well as meticulously cut pieces of felt ringlets for a leopard-like beast, it's nice to be able to also see a relatively plain book cover amongst the collection. 'La Storia' written by Elsa Morante and recreated by the skilled hands of Olympia Le-Tan and sister Cleo features well cut block letters in bright green felt on a bright blue background. One of my favourite things about watching the released of the book clutches is the variety of colour and also technique in creating each and every one of the minaudières by hand.
Admiring the finely stitched shapes as well as neat letters and multiple fonts makes me wish I had pursued my love of textiles and taken on further study in my final years of high school but I was already ambitious enough and juggling many projects. I remember carefully doing needlework in front of the television mindlessly toiling away but to create something of such fine detail shown above a cleanly kept studio space would be necessary. I'll never be crafty enough to produce something as elegant and seamless as the Olympia Le-Tan minaudières which are a thing of beauty but it's still fun to admire her handiwork and her collection releases.

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