Saturday, February 4, 2012

Moonspoon Saloon X Buffalo Platform Sneaker

As more and more ideas are regurgitated, reused and recycled throughout the fashion world it seems that the only thing left to fabricate is the extraordinary such as these platform sneakers. I can't imagine any person trying to run in these and as a sculptural piece they are quite something but in the real world and outside science fiction and fantasy- who owns and wears something as extravagant as these Moonspoon Saloon X Buffalo Platform sneakers? I had a memory lapse in which I forgot the brand of these great shoes but since I have finally remembered I figured I may as well share them with my brilliant readers.

I haven't seen a great variation in design for these collaboration pieces, about five of six different patterns on a dark grey/ brown background but I suppose you don't need to over sell these bad boys when their stature and structure speak for themselves really. I can't imagine myself every sporting one of these, never have I been self-conscious about my height and for an added boost I have a few pairs of heels up my metaphorical sleeve.

I have to admit though despite not having a strong attraction for their design, the ingenuity of the design is great and they would be a wonderful piece to work with in terms of putting together a photo shoot as seen above. There's a subtle chameleon affect from the continuation of the orange in the top and wickedly delightful fringed pants as well as the grey common in the design of the pants and shoes. I really wish I knew the wonderful brand which belongs to the pants, although you could probably slap together a pair for yourself if you raided your local craft shop for spandex and finishing threaded loops.

My favourite colour variation and design for the Moonspoon Saloon collaboration with Buffalo is the above pair in pink with hot pink laces and a washed out/ detergent effect. It reminds me a lot of acid wash jeans but in a new and exciting shade stretched over a pair of shoes which look like they should be worn for medical reasons. If you so desire, you can buy yourself a pair for a little over $400 here at Solestruck.

For those of us that believe space is the place, or if you just like the use of symbols which look like they've been spray painted on, look no further than these Moonspoon X Buffalo Platform sneakers! The fluorescent green shoelaces are very worthy and called for as the finishing touch of these radical shoes. I can imagine them being worn with some large golden hoop earrings, maybe a silk scarf worn tied up around the forehead, a large bomber jacket in a colourful vintage print (think old Versace) and some leather leggings.

I'm seeing a bit of a paint spattered effect being popular for the variations of these shoes and I think they could be worn with a lot of a sass of a girl who could be very well seeing a graffiti artist. Even if those who do wear them don't necessarily fit my little ideal notion I do hope however chooses to wear these nose-bleed inducing shoes is blesses with grace and poise.

The shoes seem very 90s inspired with their grunge and punk aesthetic as well as the increasing popularity of creepers and also platform Converse on the market. Even long before this collaboration between Moonspoon saloon and Buffalo, Baby Spice of the Spice Girls was rocking a pair of platform sneakers. Maybe we'll be seeing great big British Union Jack flags also incorporated into design and something else flamboyant and belonging to a long deceased pop group... one can only dream and wonder.


  1. I would totally wear these, amazing shoes!

  2. Hi, girl. Writing an assignment on the moon spoon saloon x Buffalos, and stumbled across your blog while researching - and this was a quite interesting take on the subject - thx ;)
    I'm a danish design student, and I can tell you that the fab leggings with the orange detailing is from a very gifted danish designer called Henrik Vibskov, unfortunately I think these leggings are quite old, so you probably won't be able to purchase them anywhere. Although I think you should check out his business, his is one genius with colours and patterns.
    All the best,
    Line Josef

  3. I love buffalo shoes since long i m copy spice girl lol