Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mary Katrantzou X Topshop SS12

My obsession with prints as well as eclectic magazine collages has been confronted with the imaginative collaboration between Mary Katrantzou and British fashion label Topshop in a marriage that can only be described as mind-numbingly colorful. In the past few weeks or so I had been looking to vintage pieces from the 1960s to feed my passion for prints as well as unusual clothing designs but it seems a more modern solution has come forth. The frenzied floral background for the photo shoot of the collection only heightens the floral passion as well as kooky patterns and there's just so much going on with each piece it's a bit hard to take in all at once. Thankfully Topshop landed in Melbourne last December so I can inspect the pieces for this exciting collection in their full glory.

It's hard to pick a favourite piece among all the designs, and I also wonder whether the patterns vary from individual sewn pieces, but I quite like the relaxed and slouchy top shown at the bottom. That's a bit more my style with a relaxed fit and I have been meaning to add a little more blue to my wardrobe.

If you want to wear something a little more casual but still floral and romantic there's comfortable shirt and also a matching leggings combination available but I think I would rather save my money for something more fancy. The mad floral print is something I admire for its unique quality but my day to day wear usually includes toned down outfits of white blouses and black jeans and maybe a cute pair of brogues. It will be interesting to see the rest of the pieces in the flesh when I take my first trip to the physical Topshop store when the Mary Katrantzou X Topshop SS12 collection becomes available.


Bodycon dresses aren't something that usually draw my eye, but the oriental ocean motif down the middle panel of the dress is something that has me completely captivated. There's so much blue and intricate design and wonderful crashing waves- the news of this collection was released on the 10th of February and you can receive email notification when it finally gets released. There's modern sophistication about this dress and I'm sure it would be a big hit when worn to a fashion event- for a more personal touch some thick geeky glasses could be used to add some quirk and style to such an eclectic piece.

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