Sunday, February 12, 2012

Margaux Lonnberg

It seems long ago in my searches for the perfect witch and spooky figure I came across Margaux Lonnberg, a figure resembling a skeleton and covered in fancy cursive tattoos as well as tumbling white hair and a permanent black and white filter surrounding her like a mystical aura. I suppose I was drawn to her for the lack of eyebrows and contrast of white hair and tan skin as well as delicate features and angular bones and joints sticking out. The casual and carefree attitude of white jersey shirts and worn out denim is made all the more distinct against her sun kissed skin as well as light coloured eyes.

It's images like this that can turn a young woman from healthy to skipping meals and smoking cigarettes as a good substitute sadly- although I complain about my legs now being skinny I can't imagine embracing someone as angular and unhealthy that they're collarbones become knife-like rather than smooth and supple. It's all about the appeal of the bike style as well as this warrior-like physique of survival but I can't help but think how dangerous it is for an individual to do this to their own body and act as a medium for advertisement signalling to others to follow in their path of dangerous dieting.

Weight issue aside, she still has a striking and gorgeous profile and I love the class behind her tattoos- she's what I envision a modern day charm caster to look like with haunted appeal of her eyes and the long white hair. Margaux's look is one totally owned by herself and there isn't one person I can think of in the fashion world that chooses to have striking white hair and tan skin, apart from the one-of-a-kind Karl Lagerfeld, creative director of Chanel's haute couture. It's not often that a person can look utterly enchanting without little presence from their eyebrows; in fact I dare say that many modern models rely on striking eyebrows to make their features more delicate and balance out their faces these days.

I love the dishevelled appeal about her and the messy uncombed hair- it seems my days of pulling off the look are long gone since the length of my hair is now naturally weighing me down and needs to be layered a bit more and given a good ruffle. No one could possibly pull off a black and white photo shoot better than Margaux Lonnberg with her iconic tan skin and platinum blond hair- the setting of doona cover, guitar in the corner and a bedroom the size of Harry Potter's cupboard under the stairs seems so cosy with her sitting at the centre.

Without the use of photo editing it seems that she's permanently surrounded by this atmosphere of black and white in her ever day style of long and loose white shirts and cut off denim that's either black or acid washed and ripped in all manner of ways. While I'm not particularly envious of this style per se, I am jealous that she's found a style and dress sense that so easily calls to her and fits her as well as a rooted way of living and going about life. I still seem so sporadic when it comes to clothing and style and I haven't settled into anything permanent yet, I guess it makes me nervous that I'll be one of those fashion challenged girls who wears what she likes without thinking of how things look together as a whole.

It would help to have a naturally beautiful and striking face to clear the path on the way to style and fashion nirvana but I suppose I really need to be aware of myself and my needs as well as what my life is becoming before I launch into a certain style and way of being. One day I'll be in love with vintage and the other I'll seek a stronger hipster appeal and then I'll be clamouring over the chic appeal of Alexa Chung. When will I finally find my voice? That's what I admire about Marguax Lonnberg, she has a strong sense of self and seems sort of haunted by her past but independent when portrayed in her photo shoots.



  2. Her style is awesome, but her body is a bit scary...