Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lazy Oaf Sweater Dresses

I treasure the warmth and comfort a cosy sweater has to offer on a cold day, or just when I need an item of clothing to retreat into after a tough shift at work. My number one priority from the Lazy Oaf online store is this sweet Teddy Bear shirt with bow tie and small little eyes and face on a black background. I've been meaning to get this for a while, but compared to online auctions where the situation is like a pressure-cooker you can take your time when buying from an online store as long as their new collection doesn't push out all the old stock you have your eyes on and you catch some items on sale as well.

A familiar motif for those who are a fan of Lazy Oaf or perhaps actually live in England and have the capacity to visit their stores in person is the hiding eyes jumper which you can easily shun by pulling the zipper across your stomach. I suppose for those of you who would love to be a pseudo foster mother to a kangaroo this is a rather neat jumper but somehow, the colour combination of red, grey and black is a little ominous to me.

For those of you who love wearing clothing that can double as a cute costume, there's also the clown jumper fitted with white contrasting 'cape' around the shoulders and large pom poms in red down the middle. All you'd need to do is buy some cheap face paint for a few dollars a piece and some make-up as well, a pair of red Converse Chuck All-Stars and you're set for a wicked night out full of mayhem and chaos!

The sweaters aren't actually made to be worn as dresses, the models of Lazy Oaf simply don't wear any visible pants for the photo shoots and are a little bit on the long side. Hopefully by the time the weather turns cold I will end up getting this lovely Teddy Bear sweater which is on the sweet and dapper side for myself before the S/S12 collection gets launched. The main figure reminds me so much of my own little teddy bear I would bring to school with me in the first grade when the teachers encouraged that sort of thing.

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