Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lazy Oaf S/S12

I wondered what would constitute a true collection being released and how big your name has to be in the fashion industry to do so- British indie cult label Lazy Oaf seem to think their hot stuff by releasing an official collection for S/S12 but have the new kids on the block truly earned their stripes? They've certainly put together an impressive campaign for their new line with lots of colours bursting at the seems; while the product actually being showcased is the pair of socks in the design of a hamburger, my eyes are drawn to the colourful quilt and makes me want to make my own!

They certainly have an eye for style and know how to amp up their own products, although I should point out that Lazy Oaf don't make shoes and the platform sneakers featured above are made by a little collaboration by the name of Moonspoon Saloon X Buffalo Platform Sneakers. Still, it's nice to be reminded of these eclectic shoes once more and be roused to report on them in another up and coming blog post once I've done my bit here. Although no product is actually being advertised for the company, it's more about the Lazy Oaf lifestyle and about wild and eclectic style.

My fascination with Lazy Oaf started when I began to read Frankie Magazine and was on the lookout for cool new brands and I was also delighted when I saw some of their pieces such as sweaters and backpacks available in one of my favourite stores, Lenko in the Cathedral Arcade in Melbourne. While I have been out of touch with the clothing currently available from the store, I've been a long time fan of their blog as well as artistic and illustrative style and I know what to expect from their collections. Comfortable cotton dresses, skirts and shirts with basic but powerful geometric designs which use at most, three colours.

In the last few years it seems that the design of their shirts has gotten looser and shorter evolving into crop tops with a bit of room and give which is always something I welcome with open arms as far as shirts goes. If only I had a flat stomach to show off as well, then I'd be set. Fortunately Summer will end in just a few more weeks and I can enjoy wearing jeans again with comfy jumpers and layers of shirts.

I always wanted to create something as wild, moody and eclectic as the collage behind these two girls in my own room but it appears the magazines I read aren't as colourful and are severely lacking in wild designs. Maybe it's also because I don't choose to cut up small pictures anymore and rather choose large pages to cut out instead but I've sort of given up on decorating my room in such a manner. This manic, teeny-booper mood has long abandoned me and instead I'm a hardened and crusty teen full of angst- just the way I like it.

On a fun note, I had the very same unicorn pinata in my room once upon a time but it had been bashed for candy already so there were two legs underneath my bed and the head was something I liked to put on top of my own head and run around the room. I'm sure if you raided the Lazy Oaf accessory and lifestyle department as well as searched high and low on Etsy you could find similar paraphernalia to decorate your own digs with.

It would be great to see Lazy Oaf stock brands other than themselves in their online store, luckily for me I know all the shoes they've used in this photo shoot and also where to find them- not that I would ever be game enough to wear them just yet. Besides, I have my eye on many other great shoes and heels and can't be bothered with futuristic and chilling sneaker platforms.

Lazy Oaf have produced a lot of great sweatshirts and jumpers and I know I have my eye on a select few available at the moment but I'm not sure how fond I am of the eyeball motif. Last year there were some great jumpers featuring three-dimensional mouths that could be opened and closed by the flick of the wrist and pulling on a zipper. I sure wish I had seized the opportunity and bought that jumper when I had the chance.

Before I had commandeered my father;s vintage canvas backpack in yellow I had been lusting after a colourful backpack from Lazy Oaf and I'm dying to know where they got their key chains from. I know that Lazy Oaf often like to feature food such as fries and cheeseburgers for their wallet designs and other accessories and I sincerely hope that the furry ice cream key chain is part of their new collection they'll released in a few weeks. I'm very excited about this new and imaginative bag charm- it will look great next to me Deadly Ponies Mr Lure fox tail key chain.

I had been planning on becoming a bit more of a vintage freak and fanatic and this image above is sort of reassuring that the English brand, Lazy Oaf, still fits in with vinyl records as well as pleated skirts. The simple design of two daisies on a black shirt is nicely hidden under a swathe of long hair. Please note: the cheeky placement of the two flowers over the breasts. I can't wait to see all these gorgeous clothes and accessories hit the shelves in a few weeks!


  1. Do you know what are the white platforms are and where to get them? PLEASE tell me!! Thank you!

  2. where do i get the white ones?

  3. Firstly the platforms are vintage Buffalos, not Moonspoon Saloon x Buffalo and secondly buffalos are too cool for stinkin lazy oaf.