Thursday, February 16, 2012


Wearing: Digital Print Landscape blouse and skirt from Ghosts and Flowers boutique, Kenji Heels.

I've been meaning to break out this jaw-dropping combination for a while but haven't felt up to being a show pony for the camera. Biding my time appears to have paid off since the skirt and top both look simply gorgeous but the skirt looks so much better in real life. It seems my camera can't quite capture the sheen as well as fine details of the mountains and panorama scene all over the hem of the blouse and skirt as well as sleeves.

I broke the bank to be able to but this ensemble and it appears that it has cost me- while I'm not a big girl my arms are very tight in the sleeves of the shirt and also the skirt is about three sizes too small. One of my many follies when buying online is that I convince myself that I can fit into clothes when I really can't and the measurements are all wrong but I'm still comforted by the fact I have a gorgeous matching outfit that is unique and one of a kind. Bit of a surprise to see that the gap between my legs makes them look a little skinnier than they actually are and the beautiful contrast between the bottom of my blouse and skirt together.

As soon as the coffee I had this morning kicked in my mind instantly reached for red lipstick to bring out a bit of sass buried deep within my sole and it worked, although I'm not sure my already red nails went well with this outfit and it's cool tableau of mountain scenery. I'm a sucker for sharp collars and stunning blouses with an unusual nature and technique about their structure, it's no wonder I fell in love with this outfit when I spotted it online and had to have it. Maybe once I reach my target wait it will be something I can proudly wear to fashion events and runway shows... if I ever stop eating chocolate bars and have more salad and celery that is.

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