Wednesday, February 1, 2012

J.W. Anderson Pre fall 2012

The Pre-Fall collections for 2012 are really something aren't they? I'm continually finding a great source of inspiration of architecturally grand clothing from the people I follow on Blogger as well as stark and exciting colours. I also think there will be plenty more platform/ loafer/ creeper style shoes from big name designers as well and I can't wait to see some of the more eclectic and powerfully coloured designs of shoes for the season.

J.W. Anderson was founded in 2007 and has expanded their horizons towards men's and women's fashion as well as a promising line of accessories that are as strongly rooted in structure and bold designs as their clothing counter-parts.

If there's one material that I am excited by as far as A/W and Pre-Fall collections are concerned, it's most definitely leather and the hide used in luxurious and comfortable shapes. I've seen some lovely leather pleated skirts from other designers too but nothing has been in this deep, rich mahogany colour of the jacket and clutch combination. I'm sure that the jacket must cos a small fortune on its own but I do like the elasticised cuffs as well as sharp and distinct points of the collar. The give and looseness about the leather on the clutch, demonstrated by the firm grip of the model is making my mouth-water. I love nothing more than to see leather used as a loose and casually fitted material- I'm absolutely sick of tight fitted leather trousers and the like. I want something that more closely resembled a good armchair and an inviting novel resting on it's seat to match.

Although I am unfamiliar with such bold and contrasting collars and usually opt for something a little more soothing and rounded in structure, I must admit I have been completely won over with this red turtle neck and collared dress combination. The shoes don't lead much to the imagination and I have seen more intriguing styles but I suppose there is an unprepossessing and versatile charm about them which I may warm up to should I see a better and close up photograph of the shoes themselves. I'd love to wear this outfit for myself, but I am a little dubious about the length of the skirt, it seems to be dragging out the structure too much and making it look sack-like rather than fresh and bold. I suppose I was most attracted to the pale complexion and scowl of the model and the sharp structure of the collar- it's all very Wednesday Adams isn't it?

I am a creature that craves imagination and ingenuity so of course I was blown away by this structured and woollen skirt- there's something incredibly playful about the inter-mixing black and white checkerboard effect that swirls and folds into the other. I'm so glad this piece was made the centre of attention in this shoot and minimalist black was worn with it, although there's also the texture of the quilted hat that echoes vintage Chanel that prevents the audiences' attention being lost in this outfit. The skirt though is just so creative and it reminds me a lot of Escher and the three-dimensional quality he gave to his work. I really hope to see a lot more from J.W. Anderson and hope this strong architectural structure given to clothing is part of their identity as a fashion label; as well as striking blocked colours and patterns mingling with black.

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