Monday, February 13, 2012

Hipster Sweater

Wearing: Vintage Sweater and printed leggings, This is Make Believe Resin Rose Necklace.

I had been waiting to put together this particular outfit post since Christmas but living in Australia Summer was the wrong time to drop this small and knitted bombshell. For some strange reason my digital camera of twelve megapixels is creating this soft focus and dreamy romantic tincture instead of being clear cut and as distinct as I would like it to be. I figured while I had the red nails I may as well done the knitted sweater I've owned for ten years as well as the old and stretchy and poorly made leggings with an Aztec print. 

The sweater is something I'll wear when going out on occasion if it's cold enough but the leggings are more of a casual sort of thing but they're irregular and poorly made by an amateur, they cost less than twenty dollars so I can't readily complain. I just thought it would be fun to mix the two items together although the white of the sweater and yellow of the printed leggings seem to readily clash with one another. I wonder who really dresses like this on a day to day bases, I don't mind the sweater and with denim shorts  and perhaps I would be more keen on the leggings if they actually fit a normal and symmetrical person.

With limited time to play around with my favourite camera and tripod combination I ended up looking scared and wide-eyed sitting down in the middle of my hallway. I think that I have mastered the look of having my lips ajar and they do look rather sculptural but I should have scanned my floor before including the fallen pen on the left of this photograph before it was taken.

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