Monday, February 20, 2012

Hipster Fragments

As morbid as well as unnecessarily melodramatic as it seems, I really do consider myself to be in a state of living death putting my body through its usual paces but with sub-standard sleep and rest. It's only a matter of time before I become a zombie and slave to caffeine, no longer able to survive on pure grit and moxy to get me through the day. Eventually I will feel terribly irritable as well as strained which is by no means something to celebrate or to look forward to; is it too much to ask for a decent night's sleep?

Last year the least of my worries was automobile related, but I now release that with heavier work commitments as well as my commenced enrollment into tertiary study and a university degree that being able to drive wouldn't be a bad idea. Next year I will also have to work restlessly in order to save for online travel as well as study opportunities but sometime after that I'll also have to buy myself a car down the tracks, a custom Rolls Royce in floral print is a cut above the modest living conditions of a student and as long as I have a working specimen of a car that doesn't need special care and attention I shall be quite content.

Today I spotted a girl wearing a silver pentagram pendant with a plain white dress and I feel perfectly comfortable in sharing that I was charmed by her simple grace and also longed for a piece of dark grunge inspired jewellery of my own. There won't be too many wonderful posts from me for a while which feature the atmosphere of dark magic as well as romanticism but on the bright side there may be more outfit posts as a sort of compromise. This wonderful holiday break between high school and university study to me will always be the Summer of Blogging and I wish it could have stretched on forever, but all good things must always come to an end.

Throughout the last months my hair has not changed in any wild and fantastic ways and remains much the same- I'm not surprised that I became complacent regarding my dreams of having dip dye or perhaps streaks in lilac but I am a little saddened by my lack of rebellion. Perhaps a featured streak underneath an ear for a feature braid can be the small part of my holding true to the punk inspired music that I listen to. In any case, I will probably never have the guts to go blond or dye my hair wildly but will waste away till I'm a little old lady and have grey hair wistfully wishing my youth back and spent in different ways. It sounds odd, but I actually wouldn't mind if I had a head full of grey hair if I wore young and eccentric clothing and people didn't bring it up to my face, it must be the influence of fashion haute couture shows that has me that way inclined.

The epitome of hipster animals if a fluffy feline and while I made to attempt to try and own a cat this Summer it may be something in my future when I leave the nest and fend for myself. It seems so strange to be already thinking of such serious plans for the future but as my teenage years slip farther and farther away from me it's only a matter of time before the nine to five grind crushes my soul and I have mortgage repayments and all the other joys of adulthood staring down at me like the barrel of a sawn off shotgun. A little fluffy cat to photograph would be like a small and furry haven all of its own to take shelter in while I adjust to this strange new life I had previously been content to admire while observing the behaviour of my parents.

Whether I leave home in one year or even five I think it would be a neat and kitsch idea if I were to decorate using perhaps a large paper chain but instead have material in it's place with stiff plastic as used in collar shirts. I would also be quite happy using fairy lights/ Chinese lanterns and slogans of letters to try and inspire me amongst this new and strange world of study. The long holiday has yielded my once scientifically charged brain into mush and slurry and I have to struggle to learn new buildings and areas in a strange world of 1960s architectural design. In short, it's a bit of a nightmare and a slap in the face really.

While it may seem an unusual aspiration for a teenager to hold, when my next pay comes through and I'm in a nostalgic mood and miss my grandmother I may just buy either a crochet or quilted throw for my bed. I quite like the assault of colours as well as regular polygons and shapes that are familiar but also in a strangely textured design. At this relaxed rate, I am unlikely to arm myself with the knowledge and art of creating such wonderful blankets for myself and since I do need the extra practice for umpiring why not give myself a reward to comfort my aching body with?

A tattoo seems to be a wonderful statement of youth as well as adulthood and while this paper crane is sweet and lovely in its design I can't say I would be willing to bare it forever under my skin unless I study in Japan, an option available through my university. I have all sorts of hopes and dreams for my international semester and how I will adopt a new culture and pick up bits and pieces of language- maybe even come back with a nose piercing and tattoo to hide from what would be my appalled and astounded mother.

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