Saturday, February 4, 2012

Heavy Metal

As of late, fashion editorials seem to be favouring heavily jewelled looks including weighted diamond earrings and even bull-ring nose piercings. I love the jagged and distorted stalagmite look of many different shards of diamonds and pulled together in these architecturally impressive earrings. While the make up and presentation of the model seems so pure and neat, her jewellery obviously takes precedence of the viewers attention and I do quite like the nose piercing. It adds symmetry to this photograph and it's a piercing I hope to secretly have one day when I work overseas or am studying abroad.

I know I had already featured this picture of Kate Moss on my blog but it's so great I couldn't resist trying it a second time- in comparison to the first photograph there's a stronger sort of oriental appeal about the earrings and diamond headpiece atop her head. Both photographs are so striking though and absolutely editorial worthy, but it's sort of nice to contrast an older fashion shot compared to the first look which is newer and fresh. I would probably kill either way to own the diamond jewellery in either shot and hoard them away till I'm a little old woman, giving it the pet name of 'treasure'.

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