Sunday, February 19, 2012

Grunge Gypsy

Wearing: Rubi Shoes black slippers, Country Road coral cardigan, Miss Shop tank top,Cotton On black skirt and vintage Givenchy Perfume Bottle Necklace.

The Miss Shop shirt with Aztec print was something my mother treated me to and only cost fifteen dollars! She bought it for me mainly because she wanted to but I'm sure for Orientation week coming up I'll be relying on it to keep cool while I trek around and study the buildings for my new campus and home for the next three years or so. It was fun to be able to put together an outfit that had two clashing colours and to muck around with my slipper shoes- I got them when I still had my precious staff discount and I were them all the time, they're from Rubi and whenever I need to go out I automatically reach for them.

The handsome bag you see tucked under my arm is something I picked up from Typo and the blue mass of fur is a Deadly Ponies Mr Lure key chain in Peacock which has since sold out. I'm actually really eager to wear this sort of outfit around my boyfriend although he's likely to tease me about the odd fluffy charm hanging from my bag. Summer is nearly over and it's only now that I've mastered how to look good while beating the heat at the same time- typical. At least I've found a gorgeous and cheap top to wear with my vintage Givenchy perfume bottle necklace; it's completely absence of any liquid at the moment but if I had the skill I could probably decant some elixir from another bottle to reapply when on the move and really channel a gorgeous and vintage glamor.

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