Sunday, February 5, 2012


Yesterday I survived the greyest and dullest five and a half hours of my life when the power was cut during the middle of the day, although I spent a good three hours reading in bed there's only so muchof the characters you can take in a single sitting. No, I find that writing can be as stimulating, if not more than reading although both are equally important experiences in literature to improve one's vocabulary and understanding of language. That was my big philosopical discovery I dealth with when bored to death yesterday.

There's an awful lot of animals in this collection of grey images, I'm rather unimaginatively cleaning out my hardrive of images by collecting them in colour- however I seem to be colourblind and have lobbed together some images using off white as well as photographs in black and white as well.In my defenced, a little bit of colour here and there is necessary to keep everything a little more interesting and give it movement- unlike that very fat and lazy cat sitting atop a black couch. Being a cat would be great, they sleep for a ridiculous amount of time such as sixteen or seventeen hours and no one yells at them because that's they way they're made.

I suppose animals that are naturally black and white as well as the use of black and white film to give varying shades of grey is a little more popular than producing a lot of grey clothing, shoes and accessories. Although the shade may be used for unisex bags such as satchels and also for warm and cosy sweaters, it's not too often you see a dress in fully grey when there's such an array and spectrum of colours available at disposal.

A grey overtone to a photograph can be a great illusion to make things appear older than they actually are, although for the pegs, quality of clothesline, woollen and irregular socks as well as lace peter pan collar, this photograph may well be the real thing. Still- I like to imagine it's some poor arts student pulling our leg and recreating the whole thing in an semi-unusual
attempt to represent the squashing of small business owner's (the cats) and the girl as big business/ the government.

  There's a bit of a blue-collar worker appeal to this photograph- I think it's the messy bun and fly away hairs as well as the grey and worn denim reminding me of a boiler room suit. I have been meaning to buy myself a denim jacket or shirt from Etsy for the last few days but I bought a second Yves Saint Laurent Arty Ovale ring, this time in black and I'm waiting for both to arrive. I know it's an incredibly stupid move from any angle you perceive it but the ring I don't like as much will be put back on eBay and the pink ring only cost $200 all up anyway when bought from America. 

I personally quite like wearing grey, I'm wearing a daker grey shirt right now but there's also the marle grey effect I have in both a long sleeve shirt and a short sleeve shirt that I find comfortable and casual. It's a simple shirt to wear with jeans whether they be black or blue denim and also I enjoy wearing black vans as a way to finish off the casual outfit. I think on the rare occasions I escort my mother to the shopping centre, that's my fail safe outfit. I also have a wonderful Ashish X Topshop jumper with spiked eppauletts in a dark grey colour that's super comfy.

Again, with the use of film photography, a 35mm roll of film in black and white as well as soft focusing there is a nostalgic appeal about this photograph coupled with the feminine plunging back of this dress ended with a bow, as well as the hand wearing a lace glove on the hip. It must be an older photograph from the pose of the woman and the difficulty of finding really good vintage gloves these days. Of course I know where to look and what the great colours are, small little attachements for gloves as well as hand muffs but I'm all keeping it a secret for myself.

I know the first thing you look at when you first view this image is the rather large and unusually shaped butterfly helf gently between two open hands but when you're skimming busily through all your files with an overview of the picture, it's surprising to see that grey is the predominant colour. It must be the fact that every other colour in this photograph is so dull that the butterfly seems an even more magical and beauteous creature.

I don't care that this is most likely a fake advertisement for Marc Jacobs, I just love the billowing curly hair falling out of this vintage space suit helmet in whisps like smoked as well as the heavy mascara and drawn eyelashes around the the eye at the eyebeows and around the lower lashes. It's a very surreal shot and like something you'd expect a five year old to do with her Barbie doll, undress her of her original clothes and maybe make a helmet out of tin foil if they were inclined towards space and grey up watching Sailor Moon. The hem of the space helmet quite neatly hides the breasts from the lens of the camera but we can still see and enjoy their rounded  fullness.

I'm still waiting for the ballet wedges from the collaboration of Jeffrey Campbell and Wildfox to be released so I can realise the dream of finally becoming a graceful dancer at last- but it's just as well they haven't been released yet. I don't have any money yet to fund the shopping purchase but I should be saving for the rest of the month to fill up my term deposit when it matures as well as depositting money into the holiday funs an shared kitty. Even with very little to currently buy at the moment my thoughts are full of money.

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