Thursday, February 9, 2012


Everything seems to artificial today and there's nothing green and luscious at all in my environment- needless to say it's driving my slightly paranoid and worried about the effects of urbanisation and the lack of trees and forests. I can't wait to talk off on my holiday to Canada next year, from my older brother's photographs and experience he indulged in doing mountain walks and absorbing in natural forest full of green leaves and wide trunked trees.
I suppose many days I'm quite happy not to leave the comfort of my home but today feels particularly lonely and absent of living creatures. I'm surrounded by things that are neither living nor dead- I'd love to instead feel the warmth of the sun and see luscious green grass and forest all around me. Maybe having a pet in my room such as a cat and something living and companionate would make me feel better about the little activity I participate in everyday. Next week is the start of many activities for orientation of university including scavengers hunts as well as an outdoor music festival. Finally then I'll stop feeling like a recluse and get some face-to-face interaction with new and exciting people.
  I wonder exactly how many American footballers enjoy meeting in the clearings of forests, fully dressed in shoulder pads and the like. I have the opportunity to maybe create my own photographs in this style and image in the coming months if I'm lucky enough. On the weekend I will be fixing up applications and cover letters for volunteer positions- one includes acting as a promotional photographer in order to advertise the sporting groups and clubs at my new university. While it may be a task a little over the knowledge of a simple lowly first-year, I'm keen to at least apply for such an opportunity but sourcing my own models as well as props may be another problem in itself.

My mother says that I'll love the trees and large suspended bridges of Canada when we go- the views are amazing and I'd love to see the forest shrouded in a veil of heavy trees. I just have to ensure that I have the discipline to save my money and keep working as many available opportunities as I can despite the fact I'm not loving my job at the moment. I'm sure when I'm holding a Canon 50D or something similar with a few thousand dollars in hand for a long holiday next year it will all have been worthwhile.

On returning to Melbourne after a semester of study in Canada, my brother was quick to criticise the landscape I had always viewed as on occasion hilly. He despaired at the lack of mountains and the flatness of the ground (just as well he never went to California, flat city). My mother plans for us to visit Canada in Summer which will still be chillier than our Melbourne Winter and I'm keen so see some mysterious cloud and fog banks engulfing rugged mountain terrain and trees.

I heard many a wonderful story about whole groups of raccoons raiding garbage cans at night but in my three weeks in America not once did I see these creatures- a pity really considering how seemingly domesticated they've become due to the encroaching of man into animal territory. I guess I'm just a sucker for any animal with large expressive eyes, unusual fur markings and a twitching nose expressing an inquisitive nature and a soul hungry to learn more socially.

I have a distinct policy about crosses and avoiding them being drawn on my body and especially on my forehead in the place of a bindi but I do rather admire the floral wreath and loose, sheer shirt situation and field of tall grass. Just my luck that there's no fields or parks where no one bothers to go in my area- I wouldn't mind giving the tumble in the tall grass a go but there is no doubt in my mind that my hair would become a horrible tangled mess.

Ah Melbourne, although there is a wealth of activities within the city and revolving around Federation Square for young bored people such as myself- there's definitely a lack in the culture of nature walks as well as interesting environmental scenery. Once you've been enough times, Melbourne Zoo can also be a lonely trip and tiresome although the grounds are so large and there's always animals you never get to see after an entire circuit of trawling around the place.

I wonder what a cat would think of a long and romantic walk around a well kept park full of beautiful plants and a noticeable absence of mice and rats. I can't say that I know the feline personality quite well but in my experiences they are wriggling jelly beans smothered in fur and do not enjoy long periods of being held and carried around. Also- cat leashes and walking around one's neighbourhood with cat in tow is a laughable matter.

This year I am determined to make a visit to my city's Royal Botanical Garden as well as Royal Flower Show as a photographic aesthetic experience and something fun to do with my mother- should we not be feuding at that instance and point in time. I haven't been in years and it certainly would be nice to feel inspired and also a bit ashamed about the state of affairs for my own garden. The last thing I remember about the show I last attended was engraving things on smooth looking river stones.

Sometime in the future I do plan to take a bit of a trek around modern Japan as well as contrasting the life between village and big city.

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