Monday, February 13, 2012

Fashion Week Street Style Milan 2011

Spotted on the streets of Milan and featured on the online publication of Oyster Magazine, there must have been a few fashion bloggers among these lucky ladies and I vow to one day join them and grace the streets of many nations hosting great fashion weeks- but I'll never get anywhere if I can't first get invited to the RAFW of my own country- and in order to do so I have to be more prominent in my outfit posts and as a blogging, personality it won't be enough to simply present great articles about collection released for runways as well as New Zealand brands but to think of style in every aspect and principle of life.

I admire each of these ladies so much for having such a strong sense of self as well as their amazing fashion sense you don't even need to have picture perfect hair to be spotted as a fashionable force of nature- it appears that a great pair of sunglasses to hide your poker-face would be welcome, as well as a gorgeous printed dress of any style, handbag and great heels are all that is needed. The ruffles in felt down the middle of this dress remind me so much of vintage Oscar De La Renta and the khaki colour goes well with the light brown/ blond hair teased out in a big way.

It's reassuring to see a mixture of styles- from the colourful and eccentric to the basics of black and white with gypsy jewellery added for affect, it seems that any style was well received when worn with confidence and a pose to strike for the cameras, and a great handbag to hold and set of heels never went astray. There's also a great many hairstyles accepted, from the long and dip dyed ends in a lighter hue to the short and cropped pixie hair do for those with the cheek bones willing enough each of these young women brings about so much of their own style to their photograph and clothing and I admire each and everyone of them for being able to do so.

My favourite photograph of the post features this saucy young miss with Oriental fan in hand, black Ray Bans, short cut haircut and other black accessories with wonderfully bright turquoise coloured floral motif on her dress. The appeal about her posture is that she's so casual and relaxed much like her roomy leather handbag and I love the definition and shape of her lips as well. The gold watch perched on the wrist and matching gold chains at the top of the black leather handbag were chosen well to go with each other- it's always interesting to see how minimalist some fashion bloggers and spotted girls for street style photos are in terms of jewellery- I suppose they save more money for outfits and clothing. I will always be one to liberally favour and apply jewellery of a high standard to my fingers and wrists however, it's just how I'm built to function.

I go absolutely ga ga over this particular structure of dress, with pleated skirt and fitted bodice like top. My affection for this dress is only magnified by the doily and white lace print featured all over and the way its styled with a pair of perspex heels. I don't think this dress has come from the Karen Walker collection but it is of that same ilk- being very prissy and tea party appropriate. A girl like me can only dream of finding something like this in a second hand shop for bottom dollar and pull it off when attending fashion events that call for pill box hats and maybe even vintage gloves.

I had already mentioned that I had a favourite photograph for this post, but did I neglect to mention my favourite outfit? At the moment my love for the Deadly Ponies collection Hurrichain is boiling over and there's also fur jackets on my mind too- it seems only natural that my favourite outfit combine these two elements as well as a sleek felt hat and gorgeous winning smile. I can only hope that I'll have as much style and grace should I ever fulfill my dreams of becoming a fashion blogger and photographed on the streets as having a wicked and delightful sense in fashion.

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