Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dean Quinn Fall 2012

If only the Dean Quinn Fall collection for 2012 were by some magical occurence available last year, I would have jumped at the opportunity to buy one of these gorgeous and colourful cocktail gowns for my senior formal and done the tacky thing of buying my boyfriend a matching tie. What I love about the collection is that its entirely madd of dresses with class and such a strong structure about them in modern and bright colours. I'm sure that if I had been able to wear such a dress for my formal my mother wouldn't have bought it for me but it would have made quite the statement. I love the gorgeous contrast between the blue and pink as well as the two colours meeting in different places for the bodice of the dress and sleeves- the length is also modest, cut just above the knee with long sleeves. If I were planning on attending any formal occasions to get dressed up for these dresses would be the highest on my list for priority dresses to wear to fashion events and cause a stir.

A few years ago I bought a structured and tulip shaped dress from Ellery with strong and recogniseable outline as well as ornamental zippers on the sleeve and at the back of the dress. It certainly would have sparked the imagination of a few young men and I am pleased to see years later and from a different designer more cutting edge designs are being produced. In a burnt orange colour akin to the 1960s I quite like the roomy sleeves of the dress as well as gorgeous waistline but the darts created by zipper tags and loincloth like piece isn't a feature that has impressed me. It reminds me of uncouth cavemen and inventing the wheel rather than a fashion event- the darts would have been better placed alongside the legs avoiding the flimsy piece of material between the legs of the model. It's a gorgeous piece to admire from the top but I'm afraid at the bottom of the dress everything goes metaphroically pear-shaped.

Although the hemline of the dress is much like the predeceasor and burnt orange dress, in the nude tone it seems less intense and the zippers not as far agap. Also the dainty cap sleeves make this dress seem less harsh and aggresive in terms of the lines and design of this dress. With a classy pair of sheer tights and heels you really could swing this dress with a little more elegance and also a lovely tuxedo jacket. Although the zippers would restrict movement of the legs I daresay when wearing a dress as flashy as this you shouldn't be running around and trying to chase a taxi. To dress it down I think an Acne sweatshirt over the top and a lovely Cambridge Satchel Company satchel could easily work with this gorgeous dress.

If I had been the type of girl to start using fake tan during high school and mastered its technqiue without streaking and smearing the bronze and brown liquid, I'm sure it would make a lovely contrast with the baby pink of this dress and it's long sleeves. I have the lovely long brown hair to go with it- for once in my life I can be proud of my brown hair and brown eyes for if a girl with blond hair wore this dress she would look like a Barbie Doll. Instead of making me look childish it would darken my hair as well as skin tone.

There are many terrible jokes at the expense of pairing black and navy blue when worn together but the sharp contrast between the shapes and smooth lines looks like its come from a Visual Communcation Designs folder of some young and promising high schooler working their butt off day and night. I would love to wear something like this with an assymetrical ahircute and maybe even possibly, smokey eyeshadow unless it has become terriblt outdated. In which case I will opt for my signature liquid eyeliner and streaking comet tales in the corner of my eyes. There's such sophistication about this dress but the colour combination is absolutely superb and modern clashing the two tones together.

I think there's a lot of hype that should surround this type of structure dress- the long and gorgeous sleeves and high rounded neck as well as the perfect cut hemline. While it may be difficult to interpret the gorgeous and unusual stepped effect that echos the structure and armour of a lobster or other shelfish creature from some period in time occupied by the dinosaurs. That's not to undermine the unique and wonderful ingenuity of Dean Quinn and his team to breath life into what would have been an imaginative sketch in its embrionic stages and then evolved into this gorgeous piece with skilled hands and many hours of tireless work.

Gorgeous in bubble gum pink comes this empire dress in full length andlong sleeves as well. If I ever needed a dress to shock anyone and everyone who knows me, this would be it. No one really expects me to wear pink considering I wore Dr Martens to school on free dress days and had always loved my black skinny jeans but there's such an air of modern sophistication about this dress. While the colour does mean that its aimed at a younger target audience and age group, I can imagine some wonderful young blogger buying it and sporting a short pixie hair cut as well as the perfect little clutch. That's how a modern girl with class and elegance makes a statement these days, or in my imagination and fairy tale mindscape.

A dress I would have love to wear to a formal occasion is for thewow factor is this gorgeous orange dress with sexy and dangerous dart right over the left leg of the model. I've been told all my life I have good legs and for once it would be nice to put them to use and make all the boys jaws drop around me like flies. The black heel just visible from the dart is another allruing factor- while it may be difficult to pinpoint how it would look without trying it on I would love to own a dress with as much sexy sophistication as this.

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