Sunday, February 5, 2012

Daria Werbowy

Being declared one of the top 30 models of the 2000s by Vogue is no small feat and neither is winning a national model competition at the age of fourteen but it seems that Daria Werbory has done both. She fell into modelling and launched her career young and after a few set-backs attempted to get back into it as a way to fund her art school endeavours but after an exclusive deal with Prada it seems she hasn't look back. The fashion editorial showcased her is from Vogue France in their February edition- curiously there's a focus on the glamour and eccentricism of Las Vegas in Nevada, America but somehow the short dresses, colourful background accentuate the skinny and tan legs of Werbory. I think I love this shot in front of the pink Cadillac the best with Elvis Presley in the driver's seat.
The settings for the editorial are each very different and evoke certain moods but I suppose I have picked the most romantic of the set, such as Werbory after a shotgun wedding with loafers, bridal veil and bouquet in hand and also a bubble gum pink dress with ruffles down the middle and black cowboy boots. I wouldn't mind getting a pair of boots not too dissimilar to those shown above but it would be a little difficult at times to know what to style them with. Of course the horse motif in the background of the photograph emphasises and supports the cowboy boot motif.

What trip to Las Vegas is complete without a trip to see your friendly cabaret girls? Although the feathers attached to the back of her are all about showman ship as well as teasing the gentlemen viewers, her stance and legs are very strong in this shot and she reminds me of my barbie dolls with perfectly straight toes and feet dressed in tiny little heels. There's a no nonsense approach to her black jacket, strong pose and eyes hidden under a cloud of feathers but the costume balances all those elements with a playfulness that's really enjoyable. It's a great editorial, I suggest you see it in full if you can.

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