Monday, February 13, 2012


Slowly in just a few hours there will be the culmination of romantic tension as well as many advertisements bombarded to consumers in order to cheesy and floral trinkets, poesies and sonnets. My brain has been awash with all sorts of amorous ideas about architecture as well as structured clothing, bright and brilliant patterns and my favourite Yves Saint Laurent Art ring with pink stone. It's hard not to get wrapped up in the emotion of a holiday with gravity and retail appeal but I know I really shouldn't- I'm just lucky I've been collecting photographs of idyllic scenes and settings instead on my hard drive.

Being the most wonderful person I've met in my life, my beau has promised to deliver some roses to my tomorrow on St. Valentine's Day because it's to be expected and I asked in an indirect fashion. There's something softly spoken about the gesture of giving roses to a girl on this special day, February fourteenth as well as her birthday. I suppose I'm just rather lucky to have someone special in my life that cares about me and is willing to spend time with me.

As a passionate gesture for my boyfriend I wouldn't mind performing such a feat for my lovely beau in return- long have I been a fan of the photographic but never sought to bare all in such a manner. I may not have the delicate porcelain complexion but I have gorgeous dark brown hair that may lend it self well to the budding and white blossoms of Spring. Ah if only it were not for the improper use of such suggestive photographs of the Internet and the way they can destory a person's reputation...

One day I will have wonderful and dainty upholstered leather couches in the middle of magnificent sitting rooms dedicated to reading and the learned arts as well as creative endeavours. That is if I ever curve my love for shopping online and persuade myself to be frugal and make smarter financial decisions such as working more often and harder as well as selling the occasional lost treasure online for a bit of spare cash. I will lord over my spouse and choose the the furniture with little regard for what they have to say as well as create a studio space of at all available for fashion blogging complete with iPad and typing station... in my dreams.

I wish I could stop being such a dainty girl and get my hands dirty once more, scrape and bruise my knees in rough and tumble sports and once again explain my injuries with a mixture of pride and embarrassment. What could possibly look better than turning up to a fashion or runway even than having scabby or bruised knobbly knees? At the moment I'm also sporting a rather attractive band aid on my calf, acquired from a missing chunk of skin I assume to be hanging on to my razor blade. Even in my dull life of little activity I manage to do some serious harm to myself- I really shouldn't buy a plastic skateboard and try to take that up as well. It will only end in tears and more injuries but this time to my pretty face.

I already stare at my reflection enough as it is and it would be a horrible idea to acquire a vintage and silver framed wall mirror but one day I'll watch myself grow old in it's reflection and remember what it was like to be without the white hair, hair coming out of my ears as well as wrinkles. It's all about the gorgeous and ornamental baroque style frame even if I had to paint over it in a garish colour such as lilac or baby pink I think I would be content with it gracing my walls but still afraid of the whole thing collapsing on its own weight and acquiring another seven years of bad luck.

Dainty and yet modern with twenty-first century flair and grace comes matching shirts in wild and digital prints and matching but slightly garish blue lipstick. This look would be nothing without the soft wisps of fair hair and the pale complexion of the model dressed in such a manner, although styling is an important aspect of fashion once must also consider what you look like and how best to accentuate your own personal and individual personality.

Whenever my mother watches those period pieces based on old books such as 'Jane Eyre' and 'Pride and Prejudice' there are these fantastic buildings with well kept and groomed grounds surrounding them, lace dresses that reach the floor and tight bodices as well as spectacular interior decorating. I think I could be completely content and happy for an afternoon if I had a large pair of lace curtains to wrap myself in as well as small phonograph in the corner to dance around with and fantasise the entire day.

I've excepted that I don't need fair skin and blond hair to be dainty thanks to my hero and style icon Alexa Chung- she's one of the most graceful and skinniest things I've ever clapped eyes on but her Asian heritage reassures me too that you can be perfectly beautiful and reach your potential without having blue eyes and blond hair. Although with that said, a well groomed routine and vintage frill neck collars certainly don't go astray for maintaining a girls image in these areas though I can tell that much.

I hope one day to hold a kitty in my arms with the perfect little pink nose and masses of fur everywhere and have it follow me around- only then will I feel a sense of cosmic fulfillment and empowerment over refined and aristocratic creatures. Perhaps being dainty and empowered with chic flair isn't about the way you look but is rather a state of mind you can channel should you be ready mentally and with the right tools and knowledge.

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