Monday, February 13, 2012

Christian Cota Fall 2012

Although Christian Cota is a brand I have not previously covered, I instantly fell in love with his Fall collection of 2012 for combining the elements of luxurious and decadent fur in amazing colours as well as ethnic patterns. It's a shame I'm a season late to applaud the European designer and his collection but since things in the Southern Hemisphere are cooling down maybe I could find an online stockist to shroud myself in fur shawls and keep myself warm for Winter? I love this melding of Aztec styles and Western structure as well as the exuberant style of boiler suits, dresses and tops in earthy tones as well as the sharp contrast of teal and turquoise.

There's a wonderful playfulness when using materials in these gorgeous patterns as well as the chic sophistication of the models. I love the middle parts as well as red lipstick which seems to compliment the colours of any of the collections pieces. The eclectic patterns as well as soft billowy structure lends itself well to the drapery and folded manner that fashion bloggers will so readily find a use for and patterns are my current muse at the moment.Whether the patterned tops are worn with glorious fur coats or simple black jeans, they both look absolutely fantastic and I would love to be able to feel the materials and admire them first hand for this collection.

Christian Cota has a lot to offer the fashion world in terms of surprising structure and quirk; it's not often you see an open panel at the back of a blouse as well as the melding of three different but equally fantastic and whimsical patterns all together. Those sea green pants are also something to die for- one sure fire way to win my over is with a great pair of statement pants in a fantastic colour. I love the elegant but sassy black heel boots with loose fitting material surrounding the ankles used throughout the presentation of the collection too- it's very Tomb Raider meets Peter Pan in a fantastic marriage of two beings exploring the wild and wilderness.

What's really lured me in with this Fall collection is the luxurious fur coats in so many wild and wonderful colours- I've been eagerly searching for these types of coats you see on a vintage online store but they always sell out due to their massive demand and popularity with other fashion hungry girls. I have some fantasy in mind that with the holiday escape to Canada next year I'm going to need a wonderful coat/ cape to chase away the cold so I'm already mildly preparing for such an event to rear its ugly head. There's also the small longing I've squashed deep down in my gut to own fur whether it be fake or real in order to play dress ups and enjoy myself as an eccentric teenage blogger.

Although fashion activists may readily argue such iconic slogans as 'Fur is Murder', I can't help but feel readily conflicted and confronted as a consumer and fashion lover when I see wonderful fur coats such as this striped piece, part of the Christian Cota Fall 2012 collection. The two contrasting hues of brown fur and the ferocious treacle and light brown tones and textures created by the two furs parallel to one another is a thing of beauty. It's like the wonderful and much loved Prada S/S11 collection all over again which featured fur stoles in striped pastel hues- except without the colour of a Willy Wonky nightmare there is instead a wonderful natural tone about the fur combined with these ethnic prints in warm colours echoing the soft falling leaves of Autumn.
It should be acknowledged that within this wonderful collection there are many beautiful and ingenuitive pieces of clothing but of all the outfits I think this may be one of my favourites for the bohemian chic and elegance achieved through tapestry like material as well as a spiralling fur cowl. Having educated myself about the wonderful scarves and accessories from the Etsy store of Yokoo Gibraan, I can appreciate the warmth a cowl can lend on a cold Winter's day and the floral motif for both jumper and pants is simply wonderful. Although my young and juvenile style has yet to be rooted in a particular trend or movement, on the days I do feel like a flower child I would like nothing more than to readily done a wonderful tapestry jumper with roses and the burnt red and flowing vine motifs of these pants from the Christian Cota. It is continuously wonderful to have my eyes opened to new aesthetic experiences as far as the clashing of two similar prints is concerned and to see different colours work so well together in a chic but grounded ensemble.

I can't contain myself from commenting on the wonderful fur pieces of the Christian Cota collection- there's just something so wonderfully reassuring about snuggling into fur and feeling the soft fibres brush against your skin while swanking around a store's floor or pushing past crowded racks at your local second hand shop. I love the contrast between the pumpkin coloured dress and it's long sleeves as well as the burnt red of the fur vest and their two hems meeting together with elegant sheer black tights. Although it seems unnecessary to have both, I think there's something really alluring and sexy when wearing a large puffed fur jacket as well as tights or even perhaps a scantily clad body underneath it. It suggests something wild and untamed like the Mongolians led by Genghis Khan out to destroy the world and wearing the skins of animals long slain... but in a refined and modern feminine manner.

There's probably too many theatrical elements about this fur trimmed coat; I think it would have better blended in amongst a haute

After having scanned my eyes over the best of the Christian Cota Fall 2012 collection I thought I had a real sense of identity about the structure as well as types of pieces produced; then the last three pieces completely destroy the illusion I that I thought I knew the designer but in the most splendid way. Combining the well-loved patterns and prints of the collection in an entirely new and exciting way were these three dresses featuring trailing and tumbling tulle and fabulous fabrics. The most well know bohemian chick on the scene would be one Isabella Lucas and I can easily imagine her gracing the red carpet in one of these dresses, their very her although I don't think as of yet she is a fan of Christian Cota. Instead his clientele include Katy Perry, Tina Fey as well as a host of other A-Lister celebrities. I think it's fair to say we can all expect great things from this designer and I can only hope that includes more bombastic and devilish prints used in ingenious ways. 

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