Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chloë Sevigny

If there's one woman who can be proud of her achievements to date, it's one Chloë Sevigny who I know best for her wild and eclectic style as well as influential designs and collaboration with American online store Opening Ceremony. She's also had a rich history as an actress in many supporting and award winning roles, was a former model and also a fashion designer. Her flair for fashion was evident in the 1990s in which New York's Sassy magazine, which labelled her the new it girl at the time, garnering her attention within New York's fashion scene.
Despite being heterosexual myself, there's still nothing more appealing than a girl who is willing to be herself and let her own individual sense of style shine through just as Chloë Sevigny does in this photograph above. I really love her wall as well as the matching red of the walls and her cardigan. I wish I had a hand made jumper knitted for me with my name on it too- but I guess I'll have to make do and save up to buy my own Harry Potter Weasley jumper from Etsy. Although her walls and vanity are cluttered with memorabilia, there's class and chic and order to what at a first glance is mess- something I should really aspire towards myself in my own room.

The impression I'm left with when observing her modelling style is that she;s straight-forward and non-sensical but there's also a flirty allure about her of lace as well as exotic perfumes she has when donning certain dresses. It's almost hard to imagine one single person having such wide and varied success as well as gaining acclaim on the New York fashion scene but it's also every girl at one point in her life aspires towards. I guess if you want something badly enough and are gifted as well, anything is possible and you can reach your full potential to become a truly inspiring feminine figure for a whole new generation of young women.

Chloë Sevigny first drew my attention when I spotted some of her fabulous shoes as well as clothing in collaboration with Opening Ceremony but I also came across a quite from the American starlet: "I'd like to be more approachable, not less weird". It's an interesting sentiment of being able to communicate with others but not compromising your own sense of self and style and I would love to perform a needle point stitch of the quote as a constant reminder to reach my creative peak every day of my life. Her shoes as well as her new collection with Opening Ceremony is a small revelation playing with all sorts of materials as well as the occasional bright burst of colour. I can't wait to get my hands on some of those pieces for myself.

If I'm not mistake, here she is wearing Miu Miu from their 2010 collection in a nude but embellished jewel shirt dress with pucked and pointed collar and also sitting amongst a sea of floral balloons on fake turf. Ah, to be a model and be at the centre of attention of a camera lens as well as be dressed in the finest clothes in surreal settings. It's photographs with aching finesse and imagination that make me long to be skinnier and prettier and fit into this world of fixed visuals and perception.

I didn't know the identity of the figure when I first spotted this image but it now makes sense that it can only be the one and only Chloë Sevigny blowing bubbles and dressed in a tuxedo like suit for women with slick blond hair pulled back. I love the contrast of the little tie on the white bib of the high necked shirt/ jumper.

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