Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony Sunglasses

Ever since my One Teaspoon sunglasses got eaten by my host family's dog in America and I realised my Ray Bans were too big for my face, I've been searching with a heavy heart for a new pair of specs to protect my eyes. I have been a large fan of Karen Walker for a few years now but while I'm on this little bender, I thought I would spruik some of the work from Opening Ceremony in collaboration with Chloë Sevigny. As of late I've been obsessed with round and circular shaped frames and was considering getting a cheap pair from my local shopping centre that are a bit stiff and clunky but something more streamlined and refined might be a better choice.

I've never seen something as unnatural and whimsical as these shades before; the lens seems to hover in mid air and is caught between the plastic frames and although I normally go for black, something about the milky opaque pair and the pink pastel backdrop seems utterly romantic to me. Although one size fits most for sunglasses I usually prefer to try them on as well because you never know what features will be accentuated by wearing a certain pair of framed glasses- plus there's no telling what the tinted lens' will look like when you wear them and how long it would take for your eyes to adjust.

If you're a bit of a design freak and love all things angular, why not choose these daringly debonair sunglasses that have a small hint of aviator style about them as well as the 70s which was full of wooden TV sets and sketchy mustaches. I don't think I would personally buy myself a pair of these bad boys but I do like the intentional shaving of the top of the frames and I bet they would look fierce and formidable when worn with vintage leather trousers or a big denim jacket.

My favourite pair from this new collection are these retro throw-backs complete with rose red frames and psychedelic pink and orange frames. I don't care how hard they would be to style with an outfit, as an object on their own and with that pastel pink background behind them they look perfect and romantic. I bet I could wear them with a red and white floral sundress my mother bought me not too long ago as well as a straw bag and maybe some cute 70s clogs... I think about outfits a little too much these days but at least I have the guts to show them off to the world! 

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