Sunday, February 19, 2012

Charlotte Free for Wildfox 2012

Wildfox seem to be favouring their models with wildly coloured hair as of late, their last collection featured Amanda Booth one of the more stunning models I've come across sporting lilac hair and a gorgeous deep tan. Now the 2012 collection is supported by Charlotte Free the most wonderful pink haired woman you will ever clap your eyes on. The images from their campaign are absolutely stunning mixing the best of black and white as well as normal digital stills which create such a great brooding atmosphere about the collection. I must admit, I am quite impressed with the direction of the brand from their Western influences of the last collection.

I'm normally not a fan of ponytails which feature a segment of hair wrapped around the hair tie but of course when done professionally for a model the outcome will be nothing less than perfect. The contrast of stark, cotton candy pink hair as well as the serene backdrop of the ocean really makes the bag and its minimalist design stand out. I may even be that way inclined to spring for one if my Penguin book bags should ever let me done for university or if I feel like embracing my inner skater girl that I have successfully suppressed for so many years now.

Being the half-hearted rebel that I am, I have attempted to avoid cross and crucifix motifs alike as religion creeps into modern fashion but the contrast of blue and pink is just to good to pass up! Of course this jumper looks wonderful on someone with pink hair and blue eyes, but it would be interesting to see how it would look worn by someone with more natural features. I haven't really found blue clothes to fit into my wardrobe as of yet and also it's a touchy subject to wear something with crosses as the main design when I myself am not a particularly religious person. Perhaps if I was that way inclined I would then jump at the opportunity to wear something with punk aesthetic as this jumper.

Images that have been thrown far and wide all over my Tumblr dashboard have been images of the wonderful Charlotte Free shown in this supermarket situation in rainbow shirt and her fully pink-haired glory. Recently there's been other photos thrown far and wide all over my Tumblr dashboard but the side profile which I had previously seen didn't register as Ms. Free. I should have guessed from the minimalist/ teenage fuelled designs of this shirt belonging to a Wildfox collection.

Wildfox don't have all the hustle and bustle of a runway collection and can perhaps be equated to other popular fashion companies such as Vans skate company but with a stronger emphasise on clothing for girls as well as clothing but I have to admit, with Charlotte Free in their corner and backing them I am keen to get another look at their 2012 collection. I'm still waiting for the Jeffrey Campbell X Wildfox shoes to be released but I am sure once they hit the shelves it will have been well worth the long wait and something that will sell out in a hurry.

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