Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Blues

Today I had expected to spend most of the day gleefully writing over a hot keyboard but a five and a half hour power outage has left me instead with a case of the blues. Luckily for me I whipped up a few images earlier of all things blue in a sort of bowerbird collection of images. While many other people have been looking forward Valentines and all things pink and red, it seems my romantic mood happened a month early and instead I have my mind on chillier things including a holiday during Winter 2013 and warm and woolly coats and sweaters to prepare for Autumn and studying at university.

I was close but not close enough having a pass last year to visit Disneyland but not the newer addition of the Disney family, Disneyland's California adventure. It's a shame really because I wouldn't have minded a nice, big and furry hug from Monster's Inc. Sully but I think I'll settle for tender embraces exchanged with me beau.

I have been personally forbidden by my father from either possessing blue hair so I suppose I'm left to admire the luck of others who get to combine Primary colours in the forms of extravagant curled showgirl hair as well as a golden and glittery bustier and ruby red lips. It's strange that in this modern age, that blue hair seems to be just a little more popular than I perceive it to have been in the grunge era of the 90s.

Last year I was treated to a classic and cliche moment in which just before heading off to the beach an ice cream van rolled past my host family's house and I got to enjoy a colourful and frozen treat. A nice contrast between a clear blue sky and the ice cream, but maybe a small white cloud would have looked good with the bubble gum eyeballs. I really should have gotten something similar to this Spiderman ice cream with bubble gum eyeballs or maybe something of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle persuasion but instead I got a rocket-something or rather in patriotic red, white and blue.

Something old, something that can be new and also blue is the reinvented Diana camera from Lomography, the Diana Mini compatible with 35mm film. She looks a lot like her predecessor from the 60s the original Diana medium format camera but she's pocket sized and fits in the palm of your hand; both sharing the same lightweight and carefree spirit. While I do have many Diana F+ cameras, I'm finally selling my Diana Mini Noire since I have the 35mm back. I just prefer the bigger body and a more professional look, although I'm not sure how seriously you'll be taken with a toy camera in plastic around your neck.

For some people it's simply not enough to have blue hair and a nose piercing but there must be vibrance and vitality radiated from themselves. I quite like the neat tuxedo jacket and have, as of late been searching around for vintage tuxedo dresses and jackets myself but I will never look quite as colourful as this woman shown above. I do admire the neat and straight line of her fringe as well as the matched blue eyeshadow highlighting her green eyes as well as red lips but there's something very straight and therefor unnatural about her eyebrows. The frayed and dry crackly hair that seems teased out reminds me too much of Krusty the Clown, a television entertainer for children from The Simpsons.

I'm quite looking forward to the holiday I'll be taking in just over a year to Canada as well as experiencing varied and mountainous landscape, something Australia seems to be lacking in. I wasn't at all pleased to learn that I need to save five thousand dollars for the trip alone to go towards train tickets in The Rockies and something to contribute towards my plane ticket as well. Although I have saved $500 in a month, it seems that the road is going to be long and treacherous before I can breath easy and delight in buying things again after having scrounged and dug deep to save my pennies.

All day long during the power outage my mother has been complimenting me on the length of my hair saying I look very Japanese, although, if they were true then my hair would be thicker and black as well rather than dark brown and thin. Still, I think black hair with dip-dyed ends in blue would look a lot better than dark brown with blue. As I said before, dyeing hair blue in my house is a very taboo subject and should not be raised at any cost. A safer bet would be to dip-dye my hair red and then let it fade to pink and reapplying pink dye every now and then to continue the ruse.

I wouldn't mind having a little cat of my own, ideally something photogenic to make life interesting with big broody eyes and maybe a little bit of attitude to get me up in the mornings with a grumpy attitude. I guess I'm just in love with their shape and structure and the stylised nature of their face and ears. It's all very symmetrical and I've always taken that approach in my decorating and design if possible but it's not a large obsession of mine.

I love the charm and quirk behind this photograph- for someone to be able to look cool and edgy when sporting a very high cut fringe should be saluted in my book and I'm dying to see the rest of those dark circular shades. The black bow at the ponytail is a nice touch to the dark teal dyed hair of the girl and her shaped eyebrows which seem to naturally slant downwards in a mean stare. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be a punk, dyeing my hair constantly and not caring about the feelings of my family, maybe a tattoo on the back of one of my legs... sounds expensive really.

A blue overload as it were, indulging in blue lipstick, eyeliner, hair as well as a collared shirt and against what may be a blue painted door. However, I suspect that a gel filter in front of the camera's flash has thrown a blue light over the entire photograph and produced an unnatural colour of the skin of the model. Still, it was a nice idea to match everything about the appearance and aesthetic of this photograph in blue chameleon-like tones.

I think blue is one of the more popular colours in terms of dip-dyeing for blonds; pink results in a very Barbie doll aesthetic that reeks of naivety but blue is cool calm and collected especially for this colour worn against a woolly brown fur coat and with snow in the background. I suspect it's going to be a while before I ever get to see snow again, or indeed when I get my hands on something fur or at least Mongolian lamb.

Slip dresses and vintage nightgowns from the 1960s have been a recent muse of mine so naturally seeing this modern combination of sheer and tulle makes me blood boil- but in a good way. It's rare to see hints of tulle around the skirt of a dress and for it to be done well, but for a dress to be featured in Vogue it must be beautiful to look at as well in terms of it's design and colour. I suppose the sheer white as well as soft colour of the blue/ lilac against such tan skin and black nails is a great contrast for a model with delicate features and honey brown hair.

Seeing such swirling textures and colours of varying blue, sea green and turquoise makes me think of the way everyone envisions the ocean rather than the dark and inky greatness you see swallowing at the edges of the sand beaches. The rolling of this material reminds me a lot of my American Apparel pleated skirt in a silky green fabric colour- it reminds me a lot of Ariel from the Little Mermaid and her Dark Green tail which would be in shimmering shades of dark sea green if she were real. But really, who's to say she's not real?

I love the colour matching and intensity of the make up shown here, for blue eyes framed by eyelashes clad in mascara as well as the eye pencil right through the eyebrows. It makes everything seem so surreal in this photograph, heightening the blue floral crown and goddess-like appeal of the bindi on her forehead and the curled hair with purple and many different shades of blue. It's a beautiful image for someone showcasing talents in terms of the beauty industry and even as a photographic project but I pose the question: who on Earth puts so much effort into their daily routine to look as well groomed and colour coordinated as she does?

When my cute little Lomography Fisheye finally gets sold on eBay I think I may farewell it and end the final roll of film I will put through it in a similar manner to this guy shown above and have it take some photographs of my top half. I have a lovely resin rose necklace in pink as well as a suitable blouse to match with it and I think the dreamy nature of the film and distorted lens can really bring them out their nature nicely.

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  1. Hmmmm.... I'm seriously re-thinking dying my hair blue. I was a bit scared to do it before actually... :D