Monday, February 13, 2012

Blue Hair

What better way to commiserate a blue mood then to ponder about the mystery of blue hair and all the wild and rebellious nature of hair dye? Sometimes I wish I had grey or white hair so that colour would take to it better and now that fantasy has only been cemented in my imagination with the contrast of grey/ brown hair and bright blue dip dyed ends against an old blue sweatshirt. This first image of the post is my favourite of the entire post, simply for the grunge factor and minimalist appeal of black nails and a simple jumper worn over the top. Long flowing eyeliner doesn't go astray either and the manner in which the photographic flash bounces off the shiny blue hair is really something to behold- it's what you imagine the sky in the desert to look like on a day that could potentially melt your face from your skull.

Compared to the wonderful world of pink hair, it seems that blue hair has many more shades available and used by fashion hungry girls and for some it's not enough to have blue hair but their ends need to be in a soft purple tone too. As beautiful as the mass of her shown above is in its contained world of perfect curls you cant sustain a healthy head of hair in this colour with curling for long and it's only a matter of time before it becomes dry and tired. Unless of course it's a wig; in which case the hair will last forever and you should only worry about straightening it to fit your pretty little head.

I adore being able to dress in black socks and shoes as well as black jumpers with contrasting white crisp collars poking out, but when sporting dark hair that falls around the face it can look a bit artificial. What could be better than having brightly coloured and blue hair to offset all the boring and neutral tones of ones outfit and also emphasising a pale complexion? Well a unicorn would also be terribly fantastic but that may just be on the improbable and unachievable side of the scale compared to wicked style and hair the colour of a lagoon.

I know I've already featured this image once before on my blog but how can I resist leaving it out when conducting a special on blue hair? It's such an unusual and punk colour- apparently also the thing you can get suspended from high school for but since I am now off to university and other scholastic pursuits I am free to dye my hair any colour of my choosing and no one can really tell me off. I don't think I would be daring enough to wear a denim jacket with plastic black studs on the shoulders but its always nice to play pretend and think of what could be.

It's amazing what a packet of hair dye can do and change a person's look- while yellow isn't everyone's colour it looks great when contrasted against the blue dyed locks of this girl shown in profile and shrouded in her mass of hair. My favourite teen blogger Tavi Gevinson had a little fling with blue hair when her hair was a lot shorter- it slowly faded to a grey colour though without the maintenance and application of my blue hair dye to preserve the colour. That's at least one thing I can be thankful for when it comes to hair maintenance, I don't have to worry about roots or colour fading in unwanted shades.

In the true spirit of the grunge fuelled 90s, who wouldn't be impressed with blue hair and pink dip dye ends for good measure? While you may not get employed at a supermarket, there are some shops that cater for this sense of style and will readily employ you should you have the intelligence and appeal of a normal person. I suppose the hair is just an added bonus along with punk sense of style featuring cats and upside down crosses as so many people do wear these days.

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  1. Interesting post! I've never dyed before and hadn't thought of it fading into strange shades as it grows out! I'll be dyeing mine either Blue, Orange,Purple or Green on June 28th for a charity fundraiser. Wish me luck! ; )