Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Blond Models

Due to the omni-present reminder of how perfect Barbie was as a child and how much of a disappointment I was looking next to her, a small part of me will forever wonder what it's like to be a blond girl with blue eyes and every second guy itching to kiss her. Although I'm in love with my long and naturally dark hair, I can't help but want to experience just once and have blond hair. Why not through in a few pink streaks while I'm at it? Knowing me that will be my mid-life crisis stage and I'll become delusional and convince myself I'm model material or something. I just can't help but feel jealous of the model, named Ruby sporting hot pink nails, long socks and denim overalls looking as cute as punch whereas I know if I try to wear such an outfit it will become the stuff of nightmares.

I'm very thankful of the versatility of white and that no matter what your skin and hair colour is, you can always look pure and like an angel in white. White lace in the form of dresses and shirts, as well as the trim for vintage denim shorts has been on my radar for a while now- I'm just waiting for the mood to peak when I buy lace curtains as well as matching pillow covers. White socks that are mid-calf will always be my favourite though, just look at the way they accentuate the legs on the model above? Also helped by the deep pleats at the side of the shorts.

While every person is beautiful in their own special way and there's appeal about one person that is unique, I can't help but lust after the success and flirty light-hearted nature of a blond model in contrast to someone with dark hair. Where a blond girl can wear black lipstick as well as black collared shirt dress and hold candles and look just as eerily and spooky as someone with dark hair, I think that if you want to look sweet and girly being blond gives you an edge.

It's not just the hair colour of a blond that gives them the ability to wear certain colours, a light complexion as well as blue or light green eyes can open the gate to gold tinted lipstick as well as mascara. The hair barrette creating a side fringe too in the same matching gold colour is a cute touch too. Strong structured eyebrows in light honey brown as well give sass and impact to an otherwise impassive face but if someone such as myself with dark eyes and hair had strong structured eyebrows that were a little bit thick as well, then it makes them seem unapproachable rather than someone who has an eye for style and self-pampering.

Why is it that pretty pink pouting lips always look so good with blond hair and a pale complexion and that often, I have none of these admirable qualities? I once heard the suggestion in high school that I should go fully blond and that it would look good by one of those nice but popular guys- can't do it now though. I'm really happy with my length and I'm trying to get it down to my waist and also my boyfriend would freak out. Maintaining roots and stuff all over again would be a nightmare for sure.

Grunge style such as black beanies as well as old band shirts look great when worn by blonds but whenever I seem to get back to my old roots and dress in a similar manner I send off the signals that I'll rip someone's head off if they try to talk to me. Maybe that old and scientifically flawed statement is true- maybe blonds do have more fun.

Blond hair is always a nice contrast with pure white as well as bright colourful florals isn't it? You only live once and I absolutely curse the day I wasn't born a blond- colouring my hair would be made so much easier, and instead I have near black hair as well as dark but not too prominent blond. It's just as well I didn't have light hair, I probably would have tried to colour that once a month which would have damaged it right to the roots I'm sure.

Blond hair dressed in white with the stark and earth-shattering brightness of a camera flash while holding a grey and sooty looking rabbit isn't something you see everyday so enjoy it while you can. Dressed in the same outfit but with irregular tan lines all over my skin and dark hair I'm afraid these wouldn't be the same witchy nature about this photograph. While it is as easy as wearing sunscreen everyday, it's easier to obtain a bottle tan rather than a bottle of pale skin. That's the luck of the draw really, witches being associated with long haired and pale skinned, magically- dark goddess' of the night and myself having a natural light tan.

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