Sunday, February 19, 2012

Black Heels

Considering I've been limping all over the house the past weekend my mind should really be more fixated on comfortable and stable footwear closer to the ground, but the mind of a fashion blogger always has very different expectations. I've got a pair of lovely black heels with a slightly thicker heel I've been waiting to show off for the last month but little occasions to metaphorically christen them. Even to me my reasons for thinking of formal footwear is a mystery, but if they can be made to work with a fluorescent yellow satchel then they therefore must be the most diverse and sexy style and colour of shoe available within the known universe.

There's also been a distinct lack of Charlotte Olympia kitty heels in all my familiar online haunts which has left me feeling a little sour. While spending a few hundred dollars on a pair of impractical heels is a bad idea for anyone with coordination problems, it's still a horrible feeling to have all the promising opportunities disappear on you. I am sure there will be plenty of other fantastic heels released in the coming weeks and months, truthfully I have never lusted over any shoes in my life more than these chic and sweet black kitty heels.

My latest discovery of online vintage treasures available with the click of a mouse has changed my mood drastically; I am now going to buy some black lipstick either this week or next week and a whole other realm of clothing has been opened up to me. There's not many heels to fight over but plenty of pairs of Pallazo pants as well as pleated skirt that could use with a modern touch. Perhaps this is the balance between the new and the old and how I'll combine them together to organise my outfits. The fanciest pair of shoes I've worn out aside from formal occasions is wedges for work so it may take some time before I ween myself on to wearing black heels as a habit for attending university.

Christian Louboutin featured some amazing studded shoes which ranged from high riding boots with rounded toes and embellished spikes to something a little sleeker and more seductive. If only it were possible to perform DIY studding along the heel of a shoe- then I would truly be happy raiding second hand shops and buying supplies online but for now I will just have to settle for combat boots spiked in such a manner. Maybe not as regal and sexy but at the end of the day, they still get the job done and attract many an attentive eye belonging to other fashion savvy women.

If only I had the proper tools such as a high performance and megapixel count camera as well as an unpirated version of Photoshop then I really could reach my fashion blogger potential and create mirror image photographs as shown above. What I love about this is the side profile of the black heels showing off their shapes as well as the thin silk shawl fluttering in the breeze with a print not too dissimilar of an intricate butterfly. The kind with circular patterns like eyeballs used to threaten off predators. There's also a certain dark and tough charm about the pose and weight of the heels that contrasts against the light weight cape.

I never did remember the brand of these skeletal high heels in black but I knew once Florence Welch wore them on stage and spiralled around like a demonic ballerina in a black draping dress that they were something special. I certainly wouldn't mind wearing them out of my work place and trying to ward off any unwanted criticism as well as social contact from undesirables. I don't know what it is about me, but I sometimes wear defensive pieces of clothing or accessories in order to protect myself and these shoes would certainly fit into that category, if only I were able to afford them. Wearing something as special as these heels would be reserved for occasions of the utmost importance or where paparazzi attention is guaranteed. Otherwise I would just be one of those boring people that never wears them and keeps them in sight as something to collect or a piece of artwork.

Jeffrey Campbell has released countless wave upon wave of black heel boots that have been a great success and sold out easily, but I'm not sure that these spiked heels quite cut it for me. Jeffrey Campbell boots have a unique strong structure and silhouette about them and while there are many wonderful and unique colours to choose from the spiked and golden heels aren't the best I've seen. I think I prefer a skinny stiletto heel to be spiked and given sass and seduction rather than a pair of boots of this size and shape.

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