Saturday, February 4, 2012

Black and White

I wish I didn't wear a uniform of black and white stripes which signals to everyone universally and silently that they can argue with me/ yell at me, persuade me and complain in my ear constantly. I wish I could just be 'professionally good-looking' as Zoolander would put it and get to wear pretty clothes by Supreme and varsity jackets in all the colours of the rainbow. Being a referee is tough, I can't say I'm really loving it at the moment.

I think I would be a little happier if I could wear some black and white vertical stripes instead as pants, maybe the Beetlejuice leggings from black milk? They'd be a great piece for a costume party if you ever did want to become the star of one of Tim Burton's more renowned movies. Or they would look great with a lot of clashing prints, such as patterns on silk as well as tartan and maybe a bold colour blocking bag.

A spandex skeleton suit in black and white would be a welcome change to the binary shades I am more accustomed to wearing- although there are very few opportunities for fancy dress parties for me. I suppose one could argue that I don't make enough effort to get invited to these occasions but one does get used to their usual routine and not having to wear a hot spandex suit as a reflection of their innards.

While I am slaving away at a job that can at times be unsavoury, I am saving a bit of money here and there mainly for my upcoming holiday in early January as well as some pretty things here and there. There's a wealth of pretty lace Peter Pan collared shirts and dresses that are very cheap and reasonable online, but I can't help but feel that if I buy a few cheap things here and there then it prevents me from splashing out on something really good and luxurious. I think I prefer to save my money in those instances.

I still have a few rolls of film to develop just sitting on my desk, one of them includes a candid shot of a guy in a panda suit not too dissimilar to the one shown above except I shot my photograph on redscale film. There should be a lovely burnt orange tone about the whole photograph so instead of a black and white panda, it will look more yellow and black instead.

Drawings and illustrations without colour and executed in simple black on white paper can have such a dream-like quality about them especially with the texture of the fur shown above and the shading. Sometimes an drawing doesn't really need to resemble what they are of too closely- it's just enough to have an impression of what your aiming to capture and letting your creative spirit do the rest.

A lovely outfit worn by New Zealand model Zippora Seven- while I don't know the label of her shirt dress, you can easily find a pair of similarly patterned sheer tights on eBay and the clutch looks like the handiwork of Judith Leiber to me. The gold chain and cat motif both match the tone of the model's hair so perfectly and I love the simple black heels, tights and shirt dress combination shown above. I'd love to get my hands on a great patterned shirt just like that... but I'll settle at vintage crystal Judith Leiber minaudières any day of the week.

I wish I knew the brand for this backstage model shot, the textured coats remind me a bit of an American Apparel 3D rose jumper but with simple black shift dresses with Wednesday Adams white collars for contrast. The steel capped black suede heels are also simple but very effective and eye-catching. The other day I treated myself to a pair of heels with a small gold dipped heel but I'm still lusting after steel capped shoes.

A Miu Miu dressing looking like something dreamed up in an Alice-In-Wonderland comatose. I had my heart set on one of these sequined collared dresses or tops but it never came to fruition and another collection has come and gone. It really is such a burden having excellent taste in clothing and no money to buy the pieces.

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