Thursday, February 16, 2012

Balmain Pre-Fall 2012

My appetite and lust for printed patterns has been insatiable, but the Fall 2012 collections appear to be my salvation and have answered every prayer about patterned pants and chic blouses in imaginative and dream-like patterns. Although a poor student like me would never be able to afford an entire outfit from Balmain, I could aspire towards one of their cheaper pants and mix and match it with basic department store quality tops and blazers. I imagine the story behind this ensemble would be a successful and fashion forward business woman swanking into a bar and ordering the most gorgeous looking martini imaginable. Now I may not dream of that success but I could certainly try to fill the shoes of the fashion blogger at a runway festival event of collections and wearing clumsy thick glasses and amazing new collection pieces.

The entire 2012 Fall collection seems to regal and classy, the backdrop of a woman's boudoir in white really was a great choice since it shows off the colour of each ensemble so well.The vivid and intricate patterns of this particular outfit of the dress reminds me a lot of baroque period paintings and matches the band of the ornamental belt in gold. The whole ensemble is then finished nicely with a clean cut and over sized boyfriend jacket draped over the shoulders. While the material of the dress looks snug and form-fitting, the hemline which ends at mid-calf creates a unique structure that I quite like as well as modest charm. The dress isn't something I would be keen to incorporate into my own wardrobe but I do appreciate the artistic aesthetic of the dress and it's strong sculptural lines.

The most beautiful outfit of the collection in my humble opinion is this gorgeous blouse which features gold scrolling motifs and even more baroque/ artistic design. There's even a sweet rose framed at the centre of the piece just over the bust of the model to really enhance the romanticism of this statement blouse. I would usually have some sort of moral issue with a top worn as a dress, but would you just look at those gorgeous legs! They seem to go on and on for miles until they finally end at the most gorgeous pair of black ankle boots with generous gold thread. Something this wonderful and imaginative is sure to be a big hit amongst fashion editorialists and will probably make its way to a spread of about two pages at least among powered wigs and false moles.

I'm a sucker for statement pants, plain and simple. Where one person is content to have a good pair of denim jeans I'm looking for something that is playful as well as classy and eye-catching. I;m normally not a fan of wide-legged pants but I must admit they are growing on me and with the lattice print in black and white for these chic pants and their elegant scrolling it seems almost necessary to include extra fabric. What seems most important is having a strong stance to really show them off and also a minimalist jumper or top not to detract from the lovely silk bottoms. They're gorgeous and elegant and something I would maybe wear to a red carpet event (not that I readily get invited to many) but I still am searching for cheap vintage bargains on a few online stores and should really wean myself off these fashion house names for the time being until I save enough money for my holiday next year.

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