Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bad Romance

Wearing: American Apparel Sheer Floral Blouse, Marc Jacobs Guitar Watch and Yves Saint Laurent Arty Ovale Rings.

At the moment I'm probably epitomising the worse spirit of Valentine's Day in which selfish girls buy themselves presents because their alone and single. I've spent nearly five hundred dollars on the two rings shown in the above photograph and spent ten dollars on a present for my boyfriend- worse person in the world? Most probably, but I would rather spend time with someone then give them a gift. I just want to have a date on Valentine's Day and a lovely little kiss on my forehead, cheek and lips.

Red lipstick as well as a floral shirt and minimal pants to maximise the look of my legs was something I had been wanting to try for a little while but I think I should stick to taking outfit posts while standing up in my hallway. Still- this is something a little different and a bit more flirty since Valentine's Day is coming up- I'm getting plenty of emails from shopping centres and stores about their products. A little more emphasise on making your partner feel good emotionally through physical contact should be at the centre of this 'holiday' I prefer think.

With a steadily growing social schedule I'll have many more occasions to wear my lovely new rings, as long as I don't have to pick up a pencil and write notes I should be fine. I know I said I was going to throw one of these rings back onto eBay and cut my losses but they're both so lovely how can I resist but keep them both? I've got a few more things to go onto eBay in the meantime and gain the money I spent but I think it was worth it to get two real Yves Saint Laurent rings in my hot little hands since I have been lusting after them for a few years now.

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