Sunday, February 5, 2012

Aqua and Purple

This second hand Gucci dress has been hanging around in the Sosew online store for months now and although I wasn't initially attracted the sharp contrasting purple and blue stripes, I recently saw the perfect shoes to match them although ironically the shoes have sold out and the dress is still there. I'm unsure about the collection and season for this vibrant dress but I don't think it would suit me very much- you have to be careful when wearing a something as bold and exuberant as a dress like this and having it overshadow you and the way you look.

If you're keen to claim this second hand Gucci dress in excellent condition for your own collection and wardrobe, head on over to Sosew and explore their dresses section for more gorgeous fashion house clothes. Although the model's nails match the blue pinstripes of the dress I am very concerned about her her colour and lipstick shade clashing with the dress on an uncomfortable level of colours mashed together. Although I'm not willing to shell out nearly $700 for a single dress I have no occasion to dress for, I do have the confidence that my hair won't clash with the colours of this dress.

The shoes from a completely different brand and era that match the dress are from Acne and are made of silk, named the Acne Alice heels in silk. They cost $530 on Solestruck and have already sold out within a few days of being available online but I am keen to see the real things in store and fly under the radar of the snooty sales assitant at Acnie in Melbourne to see how the colour matches up. Can you imagine if the dress and shoes were eventually brought together in a beautiful marriage? I can't imagine any two dresses and shoes more perfectly combined together.

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