Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Alexa Chung Obsessed

With my affection for the micro-blogging site Tumblr waning I often forget how up to date it keeps me with my model muses, especially the lovely Alexa Chung. I'm a bit concerned that after her break up with Alex Turner, lead singer of the Artic Monkeys that she's become even skinnier but her outfits have all the sparkle and sophistication that she's been known for. Unlike many other fashion icons I know of, Alexa isn't afraid to recycle articles of clothing and wear them with other outfits and with a smile as bright as hers it's easy to see how she can get away with it s easily. If you aren't aware about my small obsession for the British TV presenter, model and DJ I can best express it as admiration for someone with Caucasian as well as Asian heritage to succeed in the eye of the media.

Never before have I been so easily influenced to follow in the style footsteps of a celebrity not well known for fashion blogging but it seems that Alexa has the wonderful effect about her- everything she touches seems to turn into fashion gold. Today while trailing through the major department stores I gravitated towards toggle coats as well as patterned dresses in soft cotton textures as well as a floral blazer. I walked away with a dress in patterned horse silhouette print but I'm lacking a patterned cardigan to wear over the top and truly follow in Ms. Chung's example. It seems a pity really but I'll never be able to have the grace and finesse as well as surprising ferocity Alexa is able to channel so easily through her piercing eyes.

Instagram and its culture doesn't readily draw me in- because of a simple application people taking photographs of their dinner automatically assume they've become a photographer but somehow Alexa has melted my cold and icy exterior to it and shown a fun side of herself in the process of sharing these digital snaps. The 1960s is an era I am admiring from afar, but who can resist the allure of large novelty prints, paisley and flowers when bathed in a pink light and with an exemplary British style icon sitting over the sheets?

Her attendance on runway and red carpet events has explored more ruffled hair, minimalist and naturalistic makeup as well as chic ivory outfits although I must admit, I do miss the days when Alexa would indulge in long painterly strokes of eyeliner. As of late her outfits have been looking real crisp and sharp in terms of their neutral colour, a contrast to when she wore a stunning pleated pink dress on the red carpet with her former musical boyfriend in tow with her. I'll always admire Alexa Chung for her style and the way she presents herself with such confidence and warmth but I actually prefer her older outfits and casual school boy style. The constant element to all of Alexa's outfits is how easily you can search around for similar pieces in second hand shops and replicate her style with varying success. They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery but no one on Earth could come anywhere near the standard of Alexa's clothing and style as well as imitating her sense of originality.

Chung shown indulging in self portrait shots in a well maintained mirror and a gorgeous pair of denim overalls with chic blouse in white with lace frills for contrast. This is the type of remarkable and innate light heartedness Alexa Chung radiates from all her street style photographs, professional photo shoots, self portraits using Apple applications as well as screen shots from her television appearances. It's this friendliness that has also launched her career across a range of mediums including music, television and fashion and gained acclaim for the Haute Couture master for Chanel, Mr. Karl Lagerfeld who has described Chung as "very talented and does it (all aspects of her media charged career) in a perfect way. She is beautiful and clever!" I've never been one to disagree with the Count of cool Karl Lagerfeld himself or any of his designs in his rich and colourful history with the world of fashion- so why would I start now?

I do miss the wonderful and luxuriant colour that I once so easily gleaned from her outfits, but who can't be impressed with her chameleon like coordination as well as subtle quirk about this outfit? Sometimes it's the finer details that can really add to an outfit- I love the white skeleton bag charm in this photograph used to update a handbag in beige that would be otherwise plain and boring and also the shiny metal stud detail on the collar of her dress. It seems Alexa went to extremes in order to coordinate her grey tights and dress but there's something very sweet about that effort as well as the thick heeled black platforms that remind me so much of a modern Geisha. The outfit is perfect and so is the girl who pulled it all together, I'm certain that since my obsession has gone so far it's only a matter of time before I'm scanning all British tabloid magazines for her image and making a crazy shrine in her honour on my wall. I was sadly deprived of such a mental stasis during high school and maybe my girl crush will finally evolve and manifest itself in something creepy but endearing.

In true school girl charm and spirit, I don't think there's many who would wear knee high socks in weight and black heels and look as stunning as Alexa looks right here. The black and white dress with ascot tie around the neck is all too familiar to me but it sadly isn't from Love by Susien Chong. I must admit, I had never thought of wearing the dress with a pea coat over the top and knee high socks but I doubt I would have as much effect on crowds and camera wielding maniacs as Alexa does. It must also be those gorgeous skinny legs of hers creating the allusion of a woman who still has the physique of a high school student.

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