Monday, February 20, 2012

Hipster Fragments

As morbid as well as unnecessarily melodramatic as it seems, I really do consider myself to be in a state of living death putting my body through its usual paces but with sub-standard sleep and rest. It's only a matter of time before I become a zombie and slave to caffeine, no longer able to survive on pure grit and moxy to get me through the day. Eventually I will feel terribly irritable as well as strained which is by no means something to celebrate or to look forward to; is it too much to ask for a decent night's sleep?

Last year the least of my worries was automobile related, but I now release that with heavier work commitments as well as my commenced enrollment into tertiary study and a university degree that being able to drive wouldn't be a bad idea. Next year I will also have to work restlessly in order to save for online travel as well as study opportunities but sometime after that I'll also have to buy myself a car down the tracks, a custom Rolls Royce in floral print is a cut above the modest living conditions of a student and as long as I have a working specimen of a car that doesn't need special care and attention I shall be quite content.

Today I spotted a girl wearing a silver pentagram pendant with a plain white dress and I feel perfectly comfortable in sharing that I was charmed by her simple grace and also longed for a piece of dark grunge inspired jewellery of my own. There won't be too many wonderful posts from me for a while which feature the atmosphere of dark magic as well as romanticism but on the bright side there may be more outfit posts as a sort of compromise. This wonderful holiday break between high school and university study to me will always be the Summer of Blogging and I wish it could have stretched on forever, but all good things must always come to an end.

Throughout the last months my hair has not changed in any wild and fantastic ways and remains much the same- I'm not surprised that I became complacent regarding my dreams of having dip dye or perhaps streaks in lilac but I am a little saddened by my lack of rebellion. Perhaps a featured streak underneath an ear for a feature braid can be the small part of my holding true to the punk inspired music that I listen to. In any case, I will probably never have the guts to go blond or dye my hair wildly but will waste away till I'm a little old lady and have grey hair wistfully wishing my youth back and spent in different ways. It sounds odd, but I actually wouldn't mind if I had a head full of grey hair if I wore young and eccentric clothing and people didn't bring it up to my face, it must be the influence of fashion haute couture shows that has me that way inclined.

The epitome of hipster animals if a fluffy feline and while I made to attempt to try and own a cat this Summer it may be something in my future when I leave the nest and fend for myself. It seems so strange to be already thinking of such serious plans for the future but as my teenage years slip farther and farther away from me it's only a matter of time before the nine to five grind crushes my soul and I have mortgage repayments and all the other joys of adulthood staring down at me like the barrel of a sawn off shotgun. A little fluffy cat to photograph would be like a small and furry haven all of its own to take shelter in while I adjust to this strange new life I had previously been content to admire while observing the behaviour of my parents.

Whether I leave home in one year or even five I think it would be a neat and kitsch idea if I were to decorate using perhaps a large paper chain but instead have material in it's place with stiff plastic as used in collar shirts. I would also be quite happy using fairy lights/ Chinese lanterns and slogans of letters to try and inspire me amongst this new and strange world of study. The long holiday has yielded my once scientifically charged brain into mush and slurry and I have to struggle to learn new buildings and areas in a strange world of 1960s architectural design. In short, it's a bit of a nightmare and a slap in the face really.

While it may seem an unusual aspiration for a teenager to hold, when my next pay comes through and I'm in a nostalgic mood and miss my grandmother I may just buy either a crochet or quilted throw for my bed. I quite like the assault of colours as well as regular polygons and shapes that are familiar but also in a strangely textured design. At this relaxed rate, I am unlikely to arm myself with the knowledge and art of creating such wonderful blankets for myself and since I do need the extra practice for umpiring why not give myself a reward to comfort my aching body with?

A tattoo seems to be a wonderful statement of youth as well as adulthood and while this paper crane is sweet and lovely in its design I can't say I would be willing to bare it forever under my skin unless I study in Japan, an option available through my university. I have all sorts of hopes and dreams for my international semester and how I will adopt a new culture and pick up bits and pieces of language- maybe even come back with a nose piercing and tattoo to hide from what would be my appalled and astounded mother.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Grunge Gypsy

Wearing: Rubi Shoes black slippers, Country Road coral cardigan, Miss Shop tank top,Cotton On black skirt and vintage Givenchy Perfume Bottle Necklace.

The Miss Shop shirt with Aztec print was something my mother treated me to and only cost fifteen dollars! She bought it for me mainly because she wanted to but I'm sure for Orientation week coming up I'll be relying on it to keep cool while I trek around and study the buildings for my new campus and home for the next three years or so. It was fun to be able to put together an outfit that had two clashing colours and to muck around with my slipper shoes- I got them when I still had my precious staff discount and I were them all the time, they're from Rubi and whenever I need to go out I automatically reach for them.

The handsome bag you see tucked under my arm is something I picked up from Typo and the blue mass of fur is a Deadly Ponies Mr Lure key chain in Peacock which has since sold out. I'm actually really eager to wear this sort of outfit around my boyfriend although he's likely to tease me about the odd fluffy charm hanging from my bag. Summer is nearly over and it's only now that I've mastered how to look good while beating the heat at the same time- typical. At least I've found a gorgeous and cheap top to wear with my vintage Givenchy perfume bottle necklace; it's completely absence of any liquid at the moment but if I had the skill I could probably decant some elixir from another bottle to reapply when on the move and really channel a gorgeous and vintage glamor.

Charlotte Free for Wildfox 2012

Wildfox seem to be favouring their models with wildly coloured hair as of late, their last collection featured Amanda Booth one of the more stunning models I've come across sporting lilac hair and a gorgeous deep tan. Now the 2012 collection is supported by Charlotte Free the most wonderful pink haired woman you will ever clap your eyes on. The images from their campaign are absolutely stunning mixing the best of black and white as well as normal digital stills which create such a great brooding atmosphere about the collection. I must admit, I am quite impressed with the direction of the brand from their Western influences of the last collection.

I'm normally not a fan of ponytails which feature a segment of hair wrapped around the hair tie but of course when done professionally for a model the outcome will be nothing less than perfect. The contrast of stark, cotton candy pink hair as well as the serene backdrop of the ocean really makes the bag and its minimalist design stand out. I may even be that way inclined to spring for one if my Penguin book bags should ever let me done for university or if I feel like embracing my inner skater girl that I have successfully suppressed for so many years now.

Being the half-hearted rebel that I am, I have attempted to avoid cross and crucifix motifs alike as religion creeps into modern fashion but the contrast of blue and pink is just to good to pass up! Of course this jumper looks wonderful on someone with pink hair and blue eyes, but it would be interesting to see how it would look worn by someone with more natural features. I haven't really found blue clothes to fit into my wardrobe as of yet and also it's a touchy subject to wear something with crosses as the main design when I myself am not a particularly religious person. Perhaps if I was that way inclined I would then jump at the opportunity to wear something with punk aesthetic as this jumper.

Images that have been thrown far and wide all over my Tumblr dashboard have been images of the wonderful Charlotte Free shown in this supermarket situation in rainbow shirt and her fully pink-haired glory. Recently there's been other photos thrown far and wide all over my Tumblr dashboard but the side profile which I had previously seen didn't register as Ms. Free. I should have guessed from the minimalist/ teenage fuelled designs of this shirt belonging to a Wildfox collection.

Wildfox don't have all the hustle and bustle of a runway collection and can perhaps be equated to other popular fashion companies such as Vans skate company but with a stronger emphasise on clothing for girls as well as clothing but I have to admit, with Charlotte Free in their corner and backing them I am keen to get another look at their 2012 collection. I'm still waiting for the Jeffrey Campbell X Wildfox shoes to be released but I am sure once they hit the shelves it will have been well worth the long wait and something that will sell out in a hurry.

Black Heels

Considering I've been limping all over the house the past weekend my mind should really be more fixated on comfortable and stable footwear closer to the ground, but the mind of a fashion blogger always has very different expectations. I've got a pair of lovely black heels with a slightly thicker heel I've been waiting to show off for the last month but little occasions to metaphorically christen them. Even to me my reasons for thinking of formal footwear is a mystery, but if they can be made to work with a fluorescent yellow satchel then they therefore must be the most diverse and sexy style and colour of shoe available within the known universe.

There's also been a distinct lack of Charlotte Olympia kitty heels in all my familiar online haunts which has left me feeling a little sour. While spending a few hundred dollars on a pair of impractical heels is a bad idea for anyone with coordination problems, it's still a horrible feeling to have all the promising opportunities disappear on you. I am sure there will be plenty of other fantastic heels released in the coming weeks and months, truthfully I have never lusted over any shoes in my life more than these chic and sweet black kitty heels.

My latest discovery of online vintage treasures available with the click of a mouse has changed my mood drastically; I am now going to buy some black lipstick either this week or next week and a whole other realm of clothing has been opened up to me. There's not many heels to fight over but plenty of pairs of Pallazo pants as well as pleated skirt that could use with a modern touch. Perhaps this is the balance between the new and the old and how I'll combine them together to organise my outfits. The fanciest pair of shoes I've worn out aside from formal occasions is wedges for work so it may take some time before I ween myself on to wearing black heels as a habit for attending university.

Christian Louboutin featured some amazing studded shoes which ranged from high riding boots with rounded toes and embellished spikes to something a little sleeker and more seductive. If only it were possible to perform DIY studding along the heel of a shoe- then I would truly be happy raiding second hand shops and buying supplies online but for now I will just have to settle for combat boots spiked in such a manner. Maybe not as regal and sexy but at the end of the day, they still get the job done and attract many an attentive eye belonging to other fashion savvy women.

If only I had the proper tools such as a high performance and megapixel count camera as well as an unpirated version of Photoshop then I really could reach my fashion blogger potential and create mirror image photographs as shown above. What I love about this is the side profile of the black heels showing off their shapes as well as the thin silk shawl fluttering in the breeze with a print not too dissimilar of an intricate butterfly. The kind with circular patterns like eyeballs used to threaten off predators. There's also a certain dark and tough charm about the pose and weight of the heels that contrasts against the light weight cape.

I never did remember the brand of these skeletal high heels in black but I knew once Florence Welch wore them on stage and spiralled around like a demonic ballerina in a black draping dress that they were something special. I certainly wouldn't mind wearing them out of my work place and trying to ward off any unwanted criticism as well as social contact from undesirables. I don't know what it is about me, but I sometimes wear defensive pieces of clothing or accessories in order to protect myself and these shoes would certainly fit into that category, if only I were able to afford them. Wearing something as special as these heels would be reserved for occasions of the utmost importance or where paparazzi attention is guaranteed. Otherwise I would just be one of those boring people that never wears them and keeps them in sight as something to collect or a piece of artwork.

Jeffrey Campbell has released countless wave upon wave of black heel boots that have been a great success and sold out easily, but I'm not sure that these spiked heels quite cut it for me. Jeffrey Campbell boots have a unique strong structure and silhouette about them and while there are many wonderful and unique colours to choose from the spiked and golden heels aren't the best I've seen. I think I prefer a skinny stiletto heel to be spiked and given sass and seduction rather than a pair of boots of this size and shape.

Calla Fall 2012

Calla, the fashion label created by designer Calla Haynes was full of mesmerising prints and colour when it made its splash on to the New York fashion scene, showcasing the Fall 2012 collection on February 10th. The whole collection was a feast for the eyes which featured digital prints of magnified and blown-up images marble in pink and purple strewn across classically designed pieces with body-conscious silhouettes. It's hard to believe that the Fall 2012 collection is the second of Calla considering there is maturity about the way the collection was presented and also a strong presence for fashion identity and referring back to the inspiration of the collection. The Fall 2012 collection from Calla takes inspiration from an imaginary woman who works as an interior designer which led to the key prints of the collection originating from wood grain and granite digitally altered and magnified which results in fantastically imaginative prints. As of late I have been utterly obsessed with digital prints and wonderful eccentric colours so I was immediately drawn to the towards the Calla collection like a bookworm to an ancient library.

Calla seems to have refined her tailoring techniques and for the Fall collection created a dense tweed with French house Malhia Kent which has given rise to some stunning patterned coats and matching bottoms. It's the ability to create warm and comfortable clothing in preparation for chillier weather without having compromised the core principles and aesthetic designs of the collection that has me most impressed. Some Autumn/ Winter collections focus on the design of their pieces and fail to deliver something that is pleasing to look at, but the Calla collection is absolutely brimming with eye-popping prints that will warm up even the most critical hearts of fashion bloggers.

Always the sucker for amazing and eccentric printed pants and matching jackets, it's ensembles like this that make me passionate to write about and shamelessly promote up and coming fashion labels. The flecks of black on a white background remind me so much of a finely sprinkled coat of a harlequin Great Dane and it's this process of digitally printing patterns on to clothes that makes me so thankful to be young in the twenty-first century. It gives me great pleasure and joy in watching all these developments with the printing and materials in the fashion world. The striking black and white printed coats and their matching pants and shorts are cleverly contrasted with different shades of blue from the collar and cuffs of the blouse underneath as well as the sweet rounded toe ballet shoes of the Calla collection. I suppose it's that sweetness that earned this young brand the title of "the Lindsey Wixson of up-and-coming designer brands: Cute as a button and sweet as pie, but check out that body."

Geometric patterns and clever chic designs have never been combined with as much artistic flair as they have for this Calla collection. This coat is something special when worn with the coloured and marble patterned dress in purple and the look of thick black lines is only heightened by the bangs of the model- something I hope was a conscious decision in order to bring out the best of this coat. The print is something more rare and eccentric than houndstooth but still uses the classic contrast of white and black, this clever coat in dense tweed is just another wardrobe staple you'll be clamouring to own in Winter and something that may even become your new best friend to make a fashionable statement.

Boldly structured pieces are largely reserved for Haute Couture fashion shows, so it's only natural that Ready-to-Wear combines the best of relaxed and casual design but with spectacular patterns and colours. Take this relaxed button shirt dress with gathered waist as a classic example of the playful nature of contemporary designers taking advantage of photographic prints. The dress shown above is a predominant peach colour, originally taken from digitally altered granite with flecks of blue strewn across it but the theatrical nature of the dress is really brought out with a good pair of matching tights. Such a small aspect of the presentation for this entire collection is the hosiery worn with each dress and the different moods they create from changing the overall look of the dress. I have a feeling that eclectic fashion bloggers that love to layer up in an eccentric fashion will adore the Calla 2012 Fall collection.

Classic silhouette design as well as a imaginative print all of its own making; it's dresses like this that warm my heart and make me glad the fashion industry is as competitive as it is diverse. I'm most comfortable in dresses of this structure with a relaxed sleeves and a cinched waist; they can be easily accommodate an evening coat and look amazing when dressed up with suitable evening accessories. I haven't yet tried to track down any prices for the dresses but I already know I won't be in the market for an evening dress for a while, not while there's a travel opportunity on the horizon. It's a shame really, there's many promising designs and wild dresses I would love to metaphorically sink my teeth into.

As more and more designers crop up on the New York fashion scene it's no wonder some of the frock designs are evolving and becoming more edgy. I have high praise for the sharp lines of this dress as well as the two speckled patterns used; the bodice and unusual tulip skirt have a sweeter and more light-hearted pink and blue tinge amongst the effect of tie-dye black bursts but the grey sleeves and high neck firmly emphasise this dress is a part of an Autumn/ Winter collection. The dress above has the vague structure of a ballerina's dress but also elements of a dark and chequered past as well as mystery evoked by the dishevelled look of the model. Perhaps it's a little too daring for someone as meek as myself to wear but I must admit that I do like the theatrics of the parted tulip skirt, the black insert in between as well as the two different lengths of hemline for this darling dress.

As of late I have been trawling through the department store racks for good duffel coats and coats for the Winter season but there hasn't been anything as wonderfully stylish as this Calla coat in dark blue. The different shades created by the speckled effect is something that I automatically respond to since that's partly why I want to colour a part of my hair a wild colour- the shadow and light bouncing off it makes it interesting. Fortunately this lovely coat already includes many different shades in the blue spectrum for someone to admire and when worn with simple grey tights I think the overall effect is quite powerful. Maybe since I'm in the market to add a little more blue to my wardrobe I should be scanning Net-a-Porter for any interesting developments...