Thursday, January 12, 2012

Yves Saint Laurent Arty Ovale Ring

The Yves Saint Laurent Arty Ovale ring has been around for years now and has been produced in a whole spectrum of colours. At first there was just coral, turquoise and Lapis lazuli but now the only colours available directly from the website are the newer range of colours using glass speckled with pieces of gold foil as well as imitation wood and single colour blocked stones- just to name a few. There's also two other styles of the arty ring but the strong oval ring as well as the textured gold and thick band was such a revelation in the fashion world and there are literally thousands of knock-offs on the market. An art teacher once told me that imitation is the highest compliment but would it really kill to be original and come up with your own ideas?

Sometimes a more tribal and South American vibe is favoured, using turquoise and silver together but I do like the rich yellow gold of the ring which is plated and the rich turquoise stone at the heart of the design. The ripples through the stone and 'faults' also add individual character to each piece which is why I prefer the arty rings that use semi-precious stones rather than say, glass. At the moment I'm spoiled for choice for a ring to buy online but I really do have to be careful about my choice since it will be a while till I get some proper money flowing, I'd say a basketball tournament earning maybe $250+ as well as uang bao for Chinese New Year. 

I never before considered the pink stone YSL Arty Ovale ring as a choice to consider buying but seeing the filtered effect of space over the top of this image, the use of black nail polish and a floral skirt I am rethinking the whole thing over. Sadly I can only find a size 5 available to buy and I have been warned that the ring sizes runs a little small so maybe it could be a feminine and statement pinky ring for me? This is quite the dilemma, while I was originally going to stick with traditional black and gold for versatility I love the use of colour in this photograph and frequently wear black and red nail polish throughout the year which would look good with this ring...

My favourite colour currently available direct from the Yves Saint Laurent website is white and gold, but seeing as that variation has sold out I'll show you the next best colour which is a jade coloured stone with lovely dark hues around the edge of this oval stone. I usually don't go for green, but then again there is nothing really usual or ordinary about these rings and I should go for something bold and exciting that takes on a life of its own when worn. That's what I liked about the photograph of the pink stone, it didn't have to purposely match the outfit so maybe I'm over thinking things by going for what's safe and should go for something that I like as a piece in itself. These babies aren't called the arty rings for nothing.

It must be the harsh lights as well as the macro setting of the camera to bring out such exquisite and fine detail of the ring as well as causing the red stone to glow with such energy and heart. With wear, the edges of the ring will be sure to show the plating but that's really a problem for another day since I wouldn't really consider it to be a problem; I barely wear rings without occasion unless I have something to do in which people will actually look at my hands and wearing them everyday I go to university may be asking for trouble... It would be nice to be able to excuse myself for having a glamorous ring on my finger; no matter what the colour of the stone the band of the ring remains the same and looks more like a sculpted and raw gold nuggets fresh from the Earth rather than something someone designed. It's a nice touch to the symmetrical oval stone.

The Lapis Lazuli stone shown surrounded by gold has been an on-again-off-again favourite of mine. At this point I would like to point out that these are not the only variations of the Arty Ovale ring by Yves Saint Laurent and as well as a gold band, there is silver but these are my personal favourites for showing off colour as well as old school Hollywood glamor. The deep blue of the stone above reminds me of the meeting between the sea and the sun on the horizon at sunset or perhaps the golden sand meeting with a dark blue ocean. Whatever the case, it still reminds me of long and boring geography lessons as well as deep and hypnotic style.

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  1. I just want to say that YSL is not the first one to come up with these designs, so yeah I guess it is hard to come up with your own designs. The only difference between the original creator and YSL is that YSL has the money to market these. This is from a library book, jewellery are dated way before YSL ever came out with their arty rings: