Thursday, January 12, 2012

Yves Saint Laurent Arty Dots Ring

A slick alternative to the Yves Saint Laurent Ovale Arty ring is what I assume to be their second most popular ring, the dots ring which features more glorious thick ring bands covered in precious metals and adorned in semi-precious stones. The notable difference in design for the two styles of ring by YSL is the size of the stones, where the Ovale arty ring indulges in a large cut oval sized piece of gem/ glass, the dots ring features several curling spirals which end with a small gem on the end. Both rings seem to have a slightly cosmic appeal to them, I think the Ovale arty ring is more like a thick comet with a streaking golden tail and the Dots ring is like a shower of meteors falling out of the sky and clustered together. 

There's less hype, colour variations and consumer demand for the Dots ring but I still quite like the thick golden band of the ring and the rich contrast of dark blue and the precious metal combined together. If you missed my earlier post about YSL rings you may not know my affinity for the combination of gold and Lapis Lazuli but it's sort of a geographical implication and match made in heaven for me. I can't describe it too well, other than it's a fantastic marriage of gold panning and striking gold.

I usually lean more towards gold rings when I can, particularly when it doesn't affect the price of a piece but I like the pink stones of this particular arty ring as well as the dull grunge silver of the band. In the crevices of each stone you can see the darkening effect, due to a little chemical process called oxidisation. Unlike a lot of the other arty rings these coloured stones are my favourite shade of pink/ purple/ lilac and would look very good with a few stacked rings in rose gold which I'm interested in buying. My mother once aptly noted that I need more fingers for all the rings I buy and for once she speaks the truth.

A symbol of bohemian, Rive Gauche-chic and outspoken sophistication, this Iconic Arty Dots ring pays homage to the renowned Yves Saint Laurent couture jewelry collection. A textured gold-finish metal setting encases eight individual, brilliant glass beads - a true statement piece that moves effortlessly from day to evening.

With the silver and pink glass stone dots ring unavailable direct from the Yves Saint Laurent website, my favourite ring of this style is the white and gold variation, again proving my point that I'm boring and playing it safe with neutral colours and failing to take a chance on something that actually says something about my personality and the way I dress myself. The inner conflict in my mind is that for paying so much money on a ring I should make it as versatile as possible and wear it as often as possible to get my money's worth and a sense of happiness from my ring but something wild and colourful too may help me fill that empty hole deep inside the cockles of my heart.

What's particularly charming me to me about this piece is the imperfect set of the stones, the bumps and knocks purposely incorporated into the design of the ring. This effect if appealing for two reasons, it adds charm and character to each ring and makes it seem individual and special to you as well as covers up any bumps and knocks that may occur in the time you wear it. Nothing is more nerve-wracking or depressing then seeing a scratch or imperfection on a new ring and feeling guilty about the whole ordeal. When this happens to me I usually leave the ring in a drawer for a few weeks until I get over it and get the courage to get some balls about it. Still though, with a ring of this rugged design you need not worry about going through such a cycle and can instead enjoy your ring with piece of mind.

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