Sunday, January 8, 2012


It seems mankind is always doomed to long for something they can't exactly have; the young can't wait to grow up and the old miss their youthful days when their bodies were fit and spry. I'm a little all over the place myself, one day I'll feel completely content with my situation but I want the year to hurry up as well and take place. I'm excited for the possibility of meeting new people and studying somewhere different and new as well as seeking new places of employment, earning cash on the side and continuing to blog when I can. When I was stressed and maddened with worry for exam results I wished I was younger- back when I didn't have a care in the world and my parents would dress and take care of me. But it's nice to be partially independent of myself and my own affairs too without having to pay for my own Internet use yet. That's not something I eagerly anticipate.
I think it's a little strange though that soon my teenage years will be over and I'll be turning nineteen this year. Coming even sooner is my boyfriend's twentieth birthday. I already knew by the age of about fourteen that I would never have enough coordination to learn to skateboard for myself and that I was too big a dork to get a boyfriend who could teach me but it was always something I wanted. At my current age, I should be more focused on practicing driving and getting my hours up so I can finally get my probationary license.

I certainly won't miss the pain and misery associated with clumsy childish actions such as falling off of playgrounds, tripping over and painfully losing bits and pieces of my skin everywhere. Even when I'm not that badly cut though I still think it's fun or at least therapeutic to wear a band aid- more for the mental side and reassurance rather than any anti-sceptic care it may offer. I've never really been clumsy enough to slip and cut my skin while shaving my legs and for that I can be thankful for.
While the march of time has progressed, it seems that fashion has gently regressed and favours vintage touches such as Peter Pan collars, floral shift dresses as well as vibrantly coloured leggings. Mind you I'm not complaining- I openly embrace such fashion trends and the beaded collar look when combined with frilly socks or even Doc Martens. While there are plenty of treasures yet to be created and made, there are also things to lean from the past as well and second hand shops tend to have the more favourable price tag if you know where to hunt; if you catch my drift.

Another skill I failed to master was being able to blow bubbles using bubble gum which means I miss out on recreating dreamy and romantic feeling photographs such as this one. It would have been nice to maybe undertake in a self-portrait shot of plaits and a long flowing tartan skirt while wistfully blowing bubbles on a desk but I'll just have to wait for another idea to come across my mind- something that's actually doable for me. Unlike skateboarding, there's less of an age associated with blowing bubbles and I could try within the privacy of my own home but I'm sure there's a vital element I've simply overlooked. I usually get my kicks and fair share of tongue and mouth exercise from kissing these days anyway.

I have managed to make my own fair share of daisy chains- while the prime time for such a task was not in Primary school I did manage to waste away an hour or two making chains of small flowers while sitting on the school football oval at lunchtime, out on picnic dates with my girlfriends as well as using them as en affective prop and item for the attention of a camera's lens such as the image shown above. I never managed or had enough patience to make something as startlingly long and romantic as this daisy chain but I might. I always seem to get too itchy and sneeze while sitting on the grass to be able to last that long though.

I seem to be moving away from my old days of childhood and doing more adult things- last Saturday night I went out into the city to celebrate a work friend's 18th. My first drink bought at a beer garden/ pub/ club was at the hands of my boyfriend's brother; I really didn't see that one coming. They were only small girly drinks though, it's not as if I've managed to take whole swigs from bottles and I certainly don't like wine or champagne. I'm more into vodka stirred in with my Up & Go... alright I'm not entirely grown up yet.

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