Friday, January 20, 2012

Young Models, Vintage Style

I make no secret of my love of vintage clothing and style being popularised, at the age of about fourteen or fifteen I was interested in Nu Wave as well as bright neon colours and patterns resembling paint splats. At the age of eighteen I more commonly wear a paisley shift dress in purple as well as sun dresses but I find it hard to find the perfect 1960s clothing in patterns that aren't completely bombastic or have the right amount of eclecticism. It's probably just a hard task since I can be quite picky about the prints of clothing but I love the pansy print on this shirt shown above and the clashing pants in their own striped pattern.

Karen Walker has been releasing somepieces that are absolute gems in terms of recreating the vintage style. There's quite a few chic patterns from across a range of her collections that I like including a dress covered in a pattern of hydrangea. I love the high necked collar as well as ruffles and bow at the top of this blouse and the long dart down the middle- it's a little different in design for that reason and the dart makes it a little more alluring and sexy for the guys too.

I can't quite read the writing for the dress above, I think it says Vanishing Elephant and while that is a fashion brand I thought they predominantly dealt in men's fashion and had never before delved into the feminine world of fashion. This is probably going to bother me all day and keep me up all night- I love the ruffled effect as well as the small flowers sewn onto small sheer inserts. There's nothing too showy about it though- it's just a very sweet design with intricate sewn detail in a gorgeous colour. I must be in a very green mood to be commenting both on this dress as well as the Karen Walker blouse, but I'm dying to know where I can buy such a dress! It's a good thing I don't have the money to pay for it at the moment either, this way I can just pass off the item as being a matter of money rather than a lack of knowledge of its origins.

I myself have worn a blazer without anything else on underneath, just for a little photography at home but I must say, the Fiorina necklace at the centre is simply gorgeous and her stomach partially hidden under Sretsis shorts is enough to put a girl to shame.


  1. That green dress is by Sretsis, I think it's called the Prairie Rose dress and is $700+. It looks even more amazing than I thought it would - what magazine is it from?

  2. Grazia- and thanks for your help identifying the dress :) It made my day.